26 Cool And Nice Urban Designs

This toilet rises from the ground when needed, usually at night time, and disappears below during the day.

This supermarket gives out free fruit for kids.

A cozy bus stop

This scoreboard at the Oslo airport shows the approximate time it takes to walk to the departure gate.

A bench with solar powered USB ports

This water fountain lets the water flow down, so that dogs can drink too.

This swing allows parents to swing with their kids.

Benches in Sweden are very couple friendly.

A coffee shop that doesn’t have Wi-Fi

This toilet in China has a place for your phone.

Bench and fence in one.

Sausage and potato salad vending machines are popular in Germany.

…while carts in Sweden have a map of the supermarket.

“The way this diner explains how each cup of coffee is made.”

This fence is also a bicycle pump.

“Trams in Seville (Spain) have fast charging batteries at every stop.”

“There is a miniature library in this backyard facing a public walking path.”

This grocery store cart has a cup holder, a slot for your phone, and an aisle guide for popular products…

There’s a punching bag right in the center of New York for the residents of the mega-city to let all of their anger out.

This parking lot has sensor lights above each of the spaces. Green lights up when the space is free while red indicates that it is occupied.

Green train in Poland

A sidewalk for smartphone users.

This shop in Japan has display boxes of chocolates to show exactly what’s inside them.

This vending machine with freshly squeezed orange juice is in Riga (Latvia).

The narrowest street in Prague has traffic lights for pedestrians.

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