Oh My, What Are Those?!

“My toothpaste came out looking like a nose.”

Doggosaurus Rex

Modern Cinderella carriage

“The statue outside my house”

When a dog hears the word “walk”:

Apparently ducks melt at 90°F.

The coffee stain on the counter is telling you to just relax!

It’s not a phase mom! This is me now!

When your parrots are sick of you not washing the windows:

How do you like this, Elon Musk?

This discovery might be someone’s childhood trauma.

Apparently there’s been a glitch in the matrix.

It’s the Naomi Campbell of the teddy bear world.

“We grew an eggplant that looks like the poop emoji.”

“My plant grew a pair of legs.”

Unmasked Batman

When a boiled egg turns out slightly different than expected:

“My partner left an artichoke out while we were on vacation and it started to sprout a flower.”

Why are you like this?

This beautiful kid goat with spiral ears that look like long hair:

A textured egg vs A regular egg

What a sweet porcupine!

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