26 Things Every Man Need To Hear

“It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape.

Learned this the hard way as I am slowly starting to work out again…”

“You’re not invincible, drink some water.”

“Start doing yoga even if you’re a mans man. It isn’t feminine and it’ll massively improve your physical and mental health”

“Brush your teeth every day. Use mouthwash.

People won’t tell you that you smell like a goat.

They will tell others.”

“Don’t drink to impress others. Wish I knew that when I was younger.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of smelling good.”

“Know your junk. Keep an eye out for changes. Also keep it all clean!”

“Get curious about people and make everyone feel like they matter. Defend your friends when someone is putting them down.

No one wants to hang out with someone who is too self-centered or mean….and there’s a lot of that out there.”

“Know when to walk away. Take care of yourself. Be strong when others are hurting.”

“Wear sunscreen.”

“Learn to differentiate between love and lust, connection and desire. And don’t put someone on a pedestal. Be logical.”

“Nobody’s thinking about you as much as you think they do. Get off your high horse and just chill out. Take it easy. Overthinking is 99% false speculation and you mind playing out every scenario for you.

You are just another person going through life and nobody’s talking about that one embarrassing thing you did two years ago and that cool thing you said a year ago. Just live your life without thinking about other people’s opinion”

“Stop your friend from getting too far out of hand. If they’re your friend, they would listen and you could prevent a ticking time bomb!

Also, listen to your friend if they tell you you are getting out of line!”

“Hair conditioner helps keep butt crack hairs from tangling.”

“Keep a clean home.”

“Learning how to apologize when it’s your fault, and how to not apologize when it’s not your fault.”

“Take care of your damn finger and toenails.”

“Spend time alone and without distractions….quiet time. Sooner or later it’s just going to be you and you had better have a comfort level with just yourself.”

“Learn Martial arts and WHEN to use them.”

“Don’t be afraid to like flowers. I buy my girlfriend and good friends flowers a lot. That’s how you know I care about you. Learned it from my late grandfather.”

“It is perfectly OK to admit you’re not OK.”

“Righty-tighty, lefty-loosy.”

“Just because you CAN piss on that thing doesn’t mean you SHOULD piss on that thing.”

“It’s okay to feel emotions and express them in a healthy manner. Also don’t forget to shake before zipping up.”

“You should already know the basics of cooking, you know, to survive; but you should make time to learn one or two dishes that could really impress company.

This skill can be used for a nice simple date or just when your hosting a party or something. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something that looks like you put thought and effort into it.”

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