15 Mildly Interesting Photos

“Told my girlfriend it was impossible to stand a coin on its side.”

“I saw 4 generations of Honda Civics, in order of age, all in white.”

“Found an E that survived the recycling process on the cardboard we use at work.”

“Found a bowl in a vintage store made by the guy who inspired me as a kid. At home I realized it was in a book I’ve owned for 31 years.”

“A pigeon pooped a portrait of itself on a leaf.”

“My new robot vacuum decided to quit apparently.”

“Actor Sean Astin photo bombing me in 1993 at an inaugural ball and again 26 years later at Disneyland.”

“I was swiping on Tinder at the dispensary when I looked up and saw the girl I was about to swipe on.”

“I took the photo before the 1|3 symbol appeared on his phone screen.”

“These burned out lights perfectly align.”

“My brother hit every pin except 7,8,9, and 10. How odd is that?”

“Perfectly placed web”

“A leaf fell in front of my phone the second it took a timed photo.”

“My vanity mirror fell in my bathroom. It was saved from shattering by my toothbrush.”

“Wasps made a nest on my anti-wasp spray bottle.”

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