27 Facts That Will Change Your Perception Of History

“Pocahontas And Shakespeare Were Alive At The Same Time”

“George Orwell’s “1984” Was Published In 1949. Had It Come Out In 1984, It Could Have Been Called “2019””

“When it came out, it took place 35 years in the future. That future is now 35 years in the past.”

“The Beatles Released Abbey Road In 1969, Closer To The End Of The First World War Than To The Modern Day”

“Harriet The Tortoise, Who Died In 2006, Had Seen Charles Darwin In Person”

“Betty Marion White Was Born In 1922; The First BMW Car Rolled Off The Line In 1928. Betty White Is The Original BMW”

“Woolly Mammoths Still Existed When The Pyramids Of Egypt Were Built. The Pyramids Were Built Around 2600 BC, While The Last Woolly Mammoths Went Extinct Around 1650 BC”

“If Back To The Future Took Place In 2020, Marty Would Travel Back To The Year 1990. And The Song He’d Play At The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance Would Probably Be “Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana”

“Hannah Stilley Gorby, Born In 1746 And Photographed In 1840, Is The Earliest-Born Person To Have Been Photographed. She Was 43 Years Old When The French Revolution Started And Was 10 When Mozart Was Born”

“Established In 1198, The Braizen Head, The Oldest Pub In The World, Would’ve Been Established During The Lifetime Of Genghis Khan. If Genghis Invaded, He Could’ve Had A Pint Le Craic Agus Ceol”

“Mel Brooks, Born In 1926 And Still Working Today, Has Been Alive For The Entire History Of Sound Feature Films”

“Leonardo Da Vinci Was 40 Years Old When Columbus Found America”

““Grease” Was Filmed In 1978, About A High School Romance In 1958. Today, The Film Would Be About The Year 2000”

“George Washington Died In 1799; The First Dinosaur Fossil Was Discovered In 1824 George Washington Never Knew Dinosaurs Existed”

“The World’s Oldest Person Just Turned 118 In 2021. When She Was An Infant A 110 Year Old Woman Held That Title. That Woman Was A Baby While Marie Antoinette Was Still Alive”

“Pablo Picasso Was Still Alive When ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ – Pink Floyd Was Released”

“Oxford University Is Older Than The Aztec Empire”

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