29 Celebrity Photos From Old Movies

What celebrities looked like in some of the first movies they shot in their careers.

Kirsten Dunst In Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

Elisabeth Moss In Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Chris Evans In Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Tom Hardy In Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

Laura Dern And Eric Stoltz In Mask (1985)

Leonardo Dicaprio In Growing Pains (1985)

Harrison Ford And Jenny Sullivan In Love, American Style (1969)

Courteney Cox In Misfits Of Science (1985)

Scarlett Johansson In If Lucy Fell (1996)

Samuel L. Jackson In Do The Right Thing (1989)

Ryan Gosling In Young Hercules (1998)

Juliette Lewis In Cape Fear (1991)

Sebastian Stan In Law & Order (1990)

Chris Pratt In The Extreme Team (2003)

Brad Pitt And Jeremy Miller In Growing Pains (1985)

Saoirse Ronan In Atonement (2007)

Jonathan Pryce In Brazil (1985)

Michael Caine In The Ipcress File (1965)

Salma Hayek In Desperado (1995)

Maisie Williams And Florence Pugh In The Falling (2014)

Selena Gomez And Joey King In Ramona And Beezus (2010)

Morgan Freeman In The Electric Company (1971)

Matthew Lillard And Angelina Jolie In Hackers (1995)

Tom Hanks In Bosom Buddies (1980)

Jason Bateman In Little House On The Prairie (1974)

Liv Tyler And Renée Zellweger In Empire Records (1995)

Joaquin Phoenix In Spacecamp (1986)

Henry Cavill In The Count Of Monte Cristo (2002)

Winona Ryder In Lucas (1986)


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