27 Photos Prove That Time Wins Every Time

An old CRT TV screen that has seen a lot of PacMan

Well loved teddy bear

Angel’s Landing hike at Zion National Park

10 years in service. Finally retired. may the Force be with you…

Card table after decades of games

Worn steps

The past, present and future.

Footpath with centuries of use

Ipad with hundreds of hours of Minecraft played on it.

Brick wall eroded by the ocean

“The D20s my dad bought in 1977 and my brother used through middle school in the 80’s.”

The statue’s feet inside St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, after centuries of being touched.

Everyone gets cheap gas.

What eight months of sharpening do to a butcher knife.

For 25 years, this Buddhist monk has prayed while standing in exactly the same place in his room every single day.

Traces of a former building on the side of one still standing.

No one wants to sit in the middle

The solary magnifying effects of the sun burned a line through the grass as the sun moved across the sky.

Worn out hammer used with incredible accuracy

Willie Nelson’s “Trigger”, after about 45 years of use

Retired hiking poles after ~2000 miles vs new ones of the same model.

Worn through swing shackle

A once whole metal grate that covered a bridge.

The floor in front of the cashier at a restaurant that opened in 1924

Old vs New demo chisel

“Silver Dollar my Great Grandfather carried in his pocket everyday for 20 years.”

Well worn stairs in an old castle in Germany

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