Our Darkest Secrets

10 years in service. Finally retired. may the Force be with you…

“Found this in my doctors waiting room disguised amongst other degrees and diplomas.”

“While looking for a place to hide presents I discovered that my wife has not quit her bad habit.”

“How I hide candy from my wife.”

“I was cleaning out old food from our cabinets today and found my wife’s secret Oreo stash.”

“We found his secret stash of toys.”

“I also found a secret stash recently.”

“After most of my sons socks went missing, my wife discovered sock heaven.”

Always think twice before hiding something.

“Which one of you found my secret stash of Cheetos?”

“My grandpa said he had some money hidden in a sock before he passed away. This is the “sock.”

“I found out my 3-year-old daughter keeps a box with a knife, a gun, and some cash. Should I be worried?”

“I knew my wife was hiding secrets from me. But this is ridiculous.”

“My husband ate my son’s leftover take-out food. This was my son’s response when he discovered the empty containers.”

“After setting off the security alarms in almost every store I went in for the past 6 months, I found this in my wallet hidden by my roommate.”

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