28 Photos Prove That Time Is Very Powerful

’’My childhood was destined to be a rough one.’’

’’My grandfather has carried this silver dollar in his pocket since 1952.’’

’’14 to 24’’

’’1.5 years of hard work, now on to the next year.’’

“7 years apart”

’’My grandfather’s front door has about 50 years of cat damage.’’

’’My coworker’s keyboard keys are worn down from use.’’

’’Those glasses did not suit me.’’

’’One side of this doorknob at my school has been flattened from years of students opening it and letting it hit the wall.’’

’’15 years of daily use has worn right through the ceramic on my hair iron.’’

’’16 to 24’’

’’My barber’s floor after years of shuffling around the chair’’

“18 years apart”

“My grandpa’s wedding ring. He never took it off for over 50 years until the day he died.”

“New foot callus stone and callus stone worn with one year’s use”

“My granddad and his wheels, 1950 and 2020”

“The jeans I wear every day as a farmer: 1-year-old vs Brand new”

“I got these cups in February 2018. One of them I’ve been using daily and the other I kept as a souvenir.”

“Cat’s favorite toy, 3 months.”

“Replaced my boots with the same ones. New vs 2 years of daily use”

“My father had this made for my son’s 6th birthday. He turns 26 in April.”

“A jacket: after 8ish years of use and brand new”

“My 1998 stuffed Pikachu, well-loved and given to me by my parents. The second picture is a mint condition one.”

“New pair of work pants after 2 years of working in excavation.”

“New crisp $10 bill versus worn $10 bill”

“Door handles to a stairwell at my school.”

“Well-loved bear carried every day for 8 years”

“My dog’s harness. I forgot how pink it was.”

Source: brightside.me

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