21 Designs With Endless Possibilities

“My toilet paper has extra mini rolls in the center instead of cardboard tubes.”

“A basket-designed cafe with an orange grove in Jeju, South Korea”

“Kudos to Nabisco’s new pop-open boxes, which actually let you fit your hand inside the cracker box for once!”

“This single-use Sriracha packet — not only does it look like the real bottle, but you also have to take the ‘cap’ off to use it!”

“Panda bathroom”

“A notepad from a warehouse supply business”

“My new toaster has a hole to unplug the cord with a finger.”

“A metal gate design somewhere in Rome”

“The way light was used in this logo”

“A barcode on a roll of paper towels”

“This can of chips has a plastic slider so you can reach the ones at the bottom.”

“A bra supporter that is shaped as a hand”

“This bike rack in front of my orthodontist”

“A barcode from a German pen”

“Saw this swing specially designed for people with wheelchairs.”

“In Antwerp (Belgium), we have trash cans designed to fit pizza boxes.”

“Adore these little coat hooks — not sure where they’re from though.”

“Milk bread packaging”

“These Band-Aids designed to match different skin colors”

“These intelligently-designed stacking stools”

“Bike stands that look like padlocks”

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