28 Things That Have Not Aged Well

“80 Years Ago A Us President Was Advocating For Job Guarantee And Many More Thinks”

“A Starcraft Gaming Tournament Took Place 10 Years Ago And These Were The Prizes Teams Could Win”

“An Old “Helpful” Tip In A Magazine”

“Microsoft Employees Holding A Funeral For The iPhone Following The “Success” Of Their Windows Phone”

“Quote From Ellen In A Book My Daughter Is Reading”

“This Book Released In 1991 Had An Unfortunate Cover”

“Japan Expressing Happiness About Winning Bid To Host 2020 (2021) Olympics Back In 2013”

“My “Would You Rather” Book From 2001”

“Imgur Launched 11 Years Ago On Reddit. What A Legend! The Comment On The Other Hand Has Not Aged Well”

“Instagram Influencer Hypocrisy 101. It’s All About The Likes, Am I Right Kids?”

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