28 Things That Were Only For The “Cool” Kids

A refrigerator that looked like a cabinet and was usually a dark heavy wood

A trash drawer that was also a cabinet

Your mom bought Kudos – the “healthy” candy bar

A camcorder with one of those separate video screens

A wooden playground in the backyard (probably covered in spiderwebs because no one used it)

A purse that had your first initial on it

A car with a TV on the back of the seat (I was so jealous of my friends who had this)

A trampoline (I was lucky enough to have one of these bad boys)

You gave out full size candy bars on Halloween

A treadmill or elliptical

A huge Disney VHS collection

A Talkboy

A Princess Diana Beanie Baby

Air purifiers in every bedroom

A very large SUV

An old-timey popcorn machine

Mentadent, AKA the rich people toothpaste.

A fountain or bird path

Multiple American Girl dolls

A thick @$$ TV

Some sort of laser tag set

A professional painting of your dog

A massage chair

A DDR set

A WORKING air hockey table

A second refrigerator in the garage or basement just for beverages

A robotic animal

And lastly, a piano that no one ever played

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