28 Times People Regretted Shopping Online

“What nearly every girl who decides to buy a wedding dress online will experience:”

““My girlfriend ordered some ankle weights for running and somehow got sent this instead. Trying to convince her to just go out running with the hammer.””

“Now the hamster has the perfect place for storing its belongings.”

“My parents bought some jeans and they were of really low quality — the holes were literally just normal squares. My dad laughed so hard.”

“That’s how my dad looks wearing them.”

“This large wall tapestry my best friend bought me vs what actually came”

“My wife ordered a dish rack from an Instagram ad.”

“My roommate ordered a $5 deck chair from eBay for the garden. We thought she got a bargain. It just arrived…”

“Look at what I ordered and see what I got. No good vibes here, that’s for sure.”

“Ordered a stamp — guess the photo didn’t work.”

“Drills for the perfect neighbor: they bend during the first use and are a good price at AliExpress.”

“Bought my girlfriend a pillow of myself for when she went to college. Didn’t turn out as I’d hoped.”

“Am I a fool for expecting them to look like the ones on the box?”

“Someone won’t be able to decorate their holiday with unique alien balloons…”

“My cousin wanted a cake and ordered one. Told the bakers to write whatever they wanted because it was just for her anyway, so…”

“I ordered a dress online to never be able to wear it.”

“My girlfriend ordered a pair of gloves and all of the fingers are the same length.”

“Some friends and I from med school ordered like 60 of these. It was supposed to look like you have a stethoscope on your shoulders.”

“What you order vs what you get — don’t trust Instagram ads!”

“This device is sold for an expensive price on the site and promises to neutralize harmful radiation from the computer. Here’s what’s inside of this ’super innovative’ gadget.”

“A piece of plastic and 2 short wires! I was hoping that they would add at least something remotely resembling a helpful gadget, proving that the device that costs $100 performs its function.”

“Chinese shoes that give advice to their owners”

“The wife ordered a pool for our dog and this is what we got after waiting for a month.”

“It seems to be dance instructor tape! And 5-6-7-8!”

“So I ordered a blanket online…”

“Guess I don’t actually own a queen-size mattress.”

Bonus #1: “Ordered a ’half-mushroom, half-pepperoni’ pizza. I didn’t expect the stuff to be distributed this way.”

Bonus #2: “Ordered a pizza from a local restaurant and found a latex glove in it. How does that even happen? Is it like, ’Oh no, my glove came off but oh well, it’s already in there so let’s just leave it.’”

“Taking selfies with the help of this mirror is not the best idea — it’s best not to look at yourself in it at all.”

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