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Interesting and cool stories from around the net…

Sideboobs ahoy! – Leenks

7 People Who Died & Said They Saw Heaven or Hell – Brass Pills

Great invention to automate and schedule things with a physical switch and that can’t be controlled by a smart plugAmazon

J.K. Rowling Sparks Fresh Outrage: ‘We Are Watching a New Kind of Conversion Therapy for Young Gay People’ – Towleroad

Man Who Sucker Punched 12-Year-Old Dancing Kid In Missouri Charged With Felony Assault – Unilad

15 of the most surprising companies that the SBA listed as paycheck protection loan recipients – Business Insider

The one sci-fi movie you need to watch before it leaves Netflix this week – Inverse

That $500 Million Number May Look Big, But Patrick Mahomes Is Actually Giving Up a Lot – Sports Illustrated

Charted: U.S. Unemployment Rates Over Time – How Much

How to Make a Cuckold Relationship Work, Best Tips (nsfw) – The Slip

This desk lamp is the shit! Modern, slim, folds up.. different wavelengths… got a wireless charger.. Really nice to have the daylight setting for work and then the warmer dimmer lights for evening. It remembers your last intensity settings for each color mode too – Amazon

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