29 Pets That Are Just Like Humans

“Waiting for my pizza like…”

When you explain something 17 times and they still don’t get it:

When you’re at a party with people you don’t know and your friend disappears:

The selfie you send to your bae vs the selfie you send to your BFF:

Trying to think of ways to become a millionaire so you don’t have to go to work tomorrow:

Barely hanging on, but managing to pull it off like a pro

When you walk out of the shower with no towel on:

When you wake up and try to read notifications:

When your friend’s party plans start with, “There will be food…”

When your human comes home and smells like another cat:

When you wake up from a nap trying to remember what day it is:

“What it looks like when I think I’m smiling”

When someone compliments you and you don’t know whether or not it’s sarcastic:

When a sad song comes on and you look out the window and pretend you’re in a music video:

“When my friends try to make me go out with them after I’ve already settled in for the night at home…”

“The world’s oldest cat looks exactly how I expect the world’s oldest cat to look: sick of your attitude.”

“This is how I feel when I’m forced to dress nicely.”

When deep existential thoughts hit you:

“Nice story…but can we get to that part where you feed me?”

When you’re obviously wrong, but refuse to admit it:

When you already regret going on a diet and eating only yogurt:

When you need to clean up but have no motivation, so you just sit there thinking, “Why?”

When you’re home alone, not expecting anyone, and someone knocks on the door:

When your mom buys the wrong kind of Friskies and you try not to freak out:

When the battery is extra low:

When you’re a little chubby but still like Calvin Klein underwear:

When my friends say I should be more social:

When someone I don’t know touches me:

When your coworker says, “What a beautiful morning, right?”

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