Ethiopia Sets A New World Record That’s Actually Worth Beating

Ethiopian officials claim they planted over 350 million trees in an effort to restore the country’s landscape


The big day was on July 29 when people gathered in 1,000 sites all across the country with a goal to plant 200 million saplings. The goal in itself was ambitious but by the end of the day, government officials declared that actually over 350 million trees were planted, exceeding the original plan by almost double.

Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology posted a tweet where he claimed that people who took part in the initiative managed to get an astounding amount of trees planted—353,633,660 saplings in 12 hours. Quite a feat for everyone involved, from humanitarians to students, government officials to environmentalists. Although the record hasn’t been verified, the sheer amount of trees planted would easily beat the current record of 50 million trees planted in one day, which was achieved back in 2016 in Uttar Pradesh, India. The Indian attempt is officially confirmed by Guinness World Records as ‘Most trees planted in 24 hours (team)’.


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