29 Photos That Will Trick Your Mind

“This sunset reflection looks like a demonic uprising.”

“The reflection of the light on my coffee looks like a glowing castle.”

“This material makes it look like the separators are transparent.”

“The shadow cast on this tree makes it look like it was burned black.”

“My dress shoe’s sole has worn out to make it look like it has an eye on the bottom of it.”

“My (handless) clock makes it look like the wall is buffering.”

“The way sunlight hits this lamp in the afternoon makes it look like the lightbulb is on.”

“A reflection of ceiling lights in my coffee”

“This window filters out the exact wavelength of light that my gloves reflect.”

“Sparks bouncing down and around as I grind a hydraulic cylinder”

“Who left this metal pipe in the walk-in?”

“Woke up this morning and my wife asked, ’Where did the third fan blade go?’”

“My daughter peeled the sticky off of a tomato container and said, ’Daddy, look at the face!’”

“2 lovers sharing a kiss”

Source: brightside.me

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