30 Birds Proving Creativity With Their Nesting Choices

In the most unexpected of spaces, nature displays its remarkable adaptability and resilience. Birds, in particular, never cease to astonish us with their ingenuity, crafting beautiful nests for their offspring in the most unlikely spots.

Across different social media platforms, individuals frequently share their extraordinary encounters with bird nests nestled in random locations. Prepare to be amazed as you scroll through these captivating pictures, capturing instances where people stumbled upon bird nests in the most unexpected places. Witness the wonders of nature unfold before your eyes and embrace the awe-inspiring beauty of these shared experiences.

I’m Gonna Make A Nest Right Here

My Wife Hung A Wreath On Our Front Door. In The First Week A Bird Built A Nest Inside The Wreath. Week Two, A Bird Built A Nest On Top Of The Wreath

This Bird’s Nest In My Dad’s Helmet. They Hatched

Left My Work Gloves Outside For A Couple Of Days. Went To Got Them And Found This

Bird Made Its Nest In My Mop

Going To The Track Today, But Found That Two Nesting Birds Had More Important Plans For My Helmets

This Is Just Ridiculous

This Duck That Laid Its Eggs In A Planter At My Work

A Robin Has Nested Inside An MX Helmet In My Shed

A Nice Wren Couple Moved Into A Hiking Boot In My Parents’ Garage, And Today Their Family Grew By 5

A Sure Sign You Have Been Taking This “Stay At Home” Thing Seriously

Robin Created Nest In Back Of An Elephant Planter

The Nest That Some Birds Made In My Bicycle Seat Pack While I Was Away. I’ll Take The Bus To Work As Long As They Need It

Duck Made A Nest In My Fire Pit, And Duckies Finally Hatched

This Bird Making Its Nest In A Mop

People Kept Pointing Their Phones At The CCTV Camera

A Hummingbird Built Its Nest On My Hanging Hummingbird Figurine

This Goose At My Hospital Laid Eggs And Is Nesting In A Large Planter. One Of Our Maintenance Guys Built An Umbrella For Her And Set Up Nearby Water For Her

Two Eagles Have Decided To Build A Nest Right Outside My Grandma’s Window On The 12th Floor

Baby Bird In The Mouth Of A Wolf Statue At My University

I Love Pigeons Because When It’s Time To Make A Nest They’re Like “Whatever”

A Hummingbird Made A Tiny Nest On A Christmas Light

An Urban Bird That Uses Cigarette Butts To Protect Its Chicks From Parasites. Harmful To Humans But Beneficial To Birds

An Old Jacket Hanging In The Woods With A Bird’s Nest Built In The Pocket

That Pigeon Nesting Between Anti-Pigeon Spikes

Birds Built A Nest In Our Window

My Sister Hung Her Bathing Suit Top Out To Dry. A Bird Started Building A Nest In The Cup

This Is A Pic Of A Mourning Dove Which Made A Nest In My Bathroom, It Is On The Top Floor

I didn’t scare off the dove by the picture nevertheless she is quite chill and not scared of us. We put some food and water in the bathroom.

Got A Little Surprise When I Got Home From Work

A Robin Made Its Nest And Laid Some Eggs In The Middle Of My Hanging Basket

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