The Evolution Of William Charles Utermohlen’s Self-Portraits Reveals The Tragedy Of Alzheimer’s

Art possesses the remarkable ability to encapsulate the human experience, even when confronted with unfathomable adversity. William Charles Utermohlen, an American artist residing in the United Kingdom, harnessed his talent as a means to document his tumultuous journey through Alzheimer’s disease.

In 1995, Utermohlen received his diagnosis, and throughout subsequent years, he embarked on a remarkable artistic endeavor: a series of self-portraits. These profound works not only captured his physical appearance, but also served as poignant reflections of his deteriorating mental state. Today, we embark on a somber exploration of Utermohlen’s self-portraits, offering a glimpse into the profound influence of Alzheimer’s on both his artistic expression and personal identity.







The Decline

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