30 “Chefs” That Are Not Meant For Greatness

Happy Salmonella Sunday, Bae!

I Know You Didn’t Think W

Guess Who’s Single! Looking For A New Bae

So Much Struggle Under Those Struggleslices

Pure Dog Poop On A Baking Pan

Bae Still Trying To Figure This Gumbo Thang Out. Somebody Get George Washington Carver On The Phone So He Can Tell Her This Is Not One Of The Uses Of Peanuts!

Someone Help Me

Bae’s Coming Up With New Recipes And Wants Me To Ask If Y’all Would Smash Or Pass…

Cooking For Bae

Hello? 911?

Man, What?

Too Much Wrong To Be Done Right

If You Don’t Get The F….. Outta Here

So This Is Why Bae Is Here All The Time

At First Glance..thought It Was A Boiled Knee Cap..nah Just

Look Bae Combined Two Of My Fav Things.. Poo Chips+struggledog= Poodog

Damn Kim. I’ll Pass

#howtokeepaman101 What Did You Learn?

The Comment Said That These Are Chitterling Tacos. Hell Naw

Sigh…i Just Cant…

“I Ate His Liver With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti ”

Here Bae.. Cancerous Lung

And You Will Be Single All Your Life With This Thinking Bruh

Slop With A Side Of Salamander?

This Heifa Just Messed Up Sangria For Me For Life!!

Soooo Waffle House Is Open 24/7 Right?

Clearly She Loves This Man To Death… Stick With The Potato And Broccoli Bruh!!

Thx _80sbaby_ . Saving One Bae At A Time

Think She Forgot To Mention Bubble Guts And Diahrrea

All 115 Of You Need To Line Up 115 People Lied

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