30 Funny Merry Christmas Fails

My friend and her mother really enjoyed themselves painting.

One of our dogs straight up decapitated a reindeer figurine. Anarchy at the North Pole.

Maybe one too many ornaments on one side.

My town’s Christmas lights look like hangman’s knots

Is it frowned upon to make blow job jokes about holy angels?

I took my dog to take a Christmas picture with Santa and she ate him

Really festive

This Christmas candle my mom put out

Christmas tree is up.

Why the wife says we can no longer have a real Christmas tree.

My parents made my wife a stocking for Christmas.

There goes Christmas lunch

This gingerbread house wasn’t structurally sound

Bought two lacrosse balls for my brother….Merry Christmas!

I asked my ninth grade students to make some christmas decorations for the classroom. Should’ve seen it coming…

Expectation vs. reality

The cat wins

Nice… candle. Yeah, candle.

I was putting up Christmas lights on my roof a while back when this happened…

Ugly sweater cookie is, well, ugly

Smug doggo up to no good

Not sure if christmas or murder scene….

Note to self: don’t buy a Christmas tree online. This is what you’ll get.

DIY ornaments gone wrong.

Christmas morning breakfast met its tragic end

Forgotten Elf on the Shelf was burnt to a crisp.

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