30+ People Share Unpopular Opinions On The Net

“Kids Who Succeed Academically Deserve Scholarships More Than Kids Who Are Good At Sports”

“Like come on, people who work their assess off have to struggle more so than people who are good at a sport? It’s just like how Doctors are paid less than NBA Players… one saves lives, the other plays basketball competitively.”

“Automakers Should Stop Replacing Buttons With Massive Touchscreens”

“Yeah sure, it’s futuristic and all, but a lot of them are just becoming a hassle and a hazard. I shouldn’t have to spam tap a screen to change the climate controls, whereas a dial would be so much simpler and easy to use. The screens are basically impossible to use with gloves on if you live in a colder place. And frankly, most automakers just suck at making them. They are super laggy and hard to use. Cars can still look modern with a clean button and dial interior setup, and perhaps a smaller screen to display information. The infotainment system should not have to constantly take the drivers attention off the road.”

“If A Police Chief Coordinates A “No Knock House Raid” And They Go The Wrong House, They Should Be Charged With Whatever Happens”

“Like breaking and entering, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, first degree murder, terrorism, etc… the coordinating police chief in charge of the raid should be held responsible for whatever happens.”

“I Hate Restaurants/Companies That Only Have Facebook Pages Rather Than A Website”

“I deleted Facebook in 2011 and since, never looked back and if anything so glad that I did.

The issue now, FB is so integrated into day to day life people only use that for advertising.

I hate getting emails about “Win this product” then you read how to enter and they say, Like Us/Follow Us and re post Us on Facebook to be entered.

Or a restaurant which is FB only and clicking the link you are greeted with a million log in screens and limited information.

IMO this is a rubbish way to get to your target audience and I avoid companies who solely use FB.”

“Telling A Guy To “Man Up” Is The Same As Telling A Woman To “Get Back In The Kitchen””

“I see a lot of posts on Reddit of people whom have gone through traumatic experiences in their lives; be it war, rape, suicide, depression, that sort of stuff.

Usually, 50% of a comment thread consists of ‘man up’ and ‘X can’t happen to men!’. It’s annoying as all hell, and yeeah often those comments do get downvoted, but not enough to send them straight to the bottom of the list.”

“Screw You If You Record Yourself Giving Things To Homeless People”

“You see it all over the internet these days, people recording themselves giving food or money or whatever to homeless people. All it is for these people is a personal boost, a way to get views on the internet and make themselves feel important. I think these actions should be shot down not praised and receive 10 million video views. If you’re really this good person you claim to be you would give to the homeless, give to shelters, help people and not tell anyone else about it, it’s that simple.”

“It Should Be Illegal For A Company To List An Entry Level Job As Requiring 3-5 Years Experience, The Very Definition Of An Entry Level Job Is No Experience Needed”

“Graduates and school leavers already have an extremely hard time finding work in todays economy, most of which are forced to do jobs that had nothing to do with their fields because companies are too lazy to train and too cheap to offer training, they always want some other company to train them. Also if you require 3-5 years experience then the salary of those jobs should be considerably higher and NOT the basic entry level salary, they just want more for less. So long as your qualifications meet the required job they should be considered.”

“If I Catch A Baseball At A Major League Game And You Send Your Kid Over, You’re The @$$hole, Not Me”

“I’ve been going to baseball games my entire life. I have well over 1,000 games attended. One of my life long dreams is to catch a baseball in the stands. To me that is a chosen from the baseball gods moment. Lately I’ve been seeing more and more when someone catches the ball a parent will send a kid over to collect their prize. Everyone boos the person who caught the ball for not giving it to the kid. The person who caught the ball has likely been waiting since they were that kid’s age to catch one and now they have an entire section if not stadium bullying them to give it to some little kid that will have 0 appreciation for it because they just did what their parents told them and went and asked for it.

Obviously if I ever catch a ball I will break it to the kid that inevitably gets sent over gently that no, I will not give them the ball AND I will take my boos. But to the parents who send their sex trophy over to collect something that they aren’t entitled to, you are horrible parents/people and I don’t feel bad that your kid is sad now, it’s your fault.”

“When I’m Old And Unable To Care For Myself, I Want To Be Taken Care Of By Professionals, Not Burden My Children Who Will Have Their Own Families To Care For”

“Why on earth would ANY adult want to have their @$$ wiped by their children? I can think of nothing more humiliating or dehumanizing.

I never understood why nursing homes (pre pandemic) were always such an awful thing.

My bfs grandma would get up an wander around the neighborhood and forget where she was. She would trash the house. She would need to be bathed and fed by others because she couldn’t function. His aunt had to quit her job to look after her, all while having kids of her own. What mother would want that for their children?? What person would want their own health and safety in the hands of someone who is trying to juggle their own lives and children and work instead of a person who takes care of others as their chosen career?

There is a HUGE difference between changing a 6 month old’s diaper and an 80 year old’s. And imo there is a HUGE difference between having a medical professional see you naked and clean you than your grown kids seeing you naked and cleaning you.

I would not want my children to remember me as an invalid who needed s@#t wiped away from their vagina because of diapers.

As soon as a person is unable to function alone, they should be put in professional care and NOT be shamed for that decision.”

“Choosing To Terminate A Pregnancy Because The Child Would Be Handicapped Is Reasonable”

“Firstly i want to mention that i have worked with both physically and mentally handicapped people and among them were the most lovable, loving and truly inspiring people I’ve met in my life. Albeit i don’t think it’s fair for parents to be required to sacrifice their chance of a normal life for their child. To those who do, whether by choice or not, give birth to handicapped children, you have my deepest respect and I don’t doubt that parents will do anything in their power to provide the best life for their children and love them the way they are, but i don’t think it’s wrong to assume that such a life is more emotionally taxing than raising healthy children. As previously mentioned these people often exhibit a love for life most of us couldn’t compare to. Still i don’t think you should be required to give up your own life and sanity for someone else because of societies morals. Honestly i wouldn’t be strong enough to handle such a situation.”

“Dear Parents Whose Adult Children Don’t Talk To Them – It’s Always Your Fault”

“You were the adult when they were a child. If their first instinct, as soon as they get out from under your thumb, is to completely ignore you forever, you need to own the fact that you messed up as a parent at several, consistent, points along the road throughout your child’s upbringing. They hate you for a good reason, and they’re probably better off without you in their lives.

There are a number of forms of abuse that range from over-parenting, to neglect, over-discipline to straight up negative enabling behavior.

I have friends who don’t talk to their parents because the strictness was so suffocating, and friends who don’t talk to their parents because they were lazy bums who never took an interest in their child’s life. There are tons of other reasons kids abandon relationships with their folks, but the one thing that stays true through all of these experiences for me is that it’s always the parents fault.

This is mostly about relationships that end as soon as the kid leaves the house, not necessarily relationships that break down during adulthood, although the same reasoning could be applied in a lot of these cases too.”

“I’m Not Telling My Kids To Never Hit Girls”

“Got a call from the school saying my son punched a girl in his class. I was mad and ready to ground him when he got home when it occurred to me that I should ask why he hit her. The principal told me that the little girl pushed him and took his lunch money and continued to take her folder and smack him with it when he got fed up and punched her in the shoulder. Now, if they knew that the little girl had done all this and was continuing to do it, they should have intervened. They didn’t so my son defended himself. Not in trouble.

When I told the principal that it seemed justified, she told me that I shouldn’t make it seem okay to hit little girls. I let her know that my children know that it’s not okay to hit anybody. But that it’s also not okay to stand there and just be hit either. It’s totally okay to defend yourself against anybody and everybody that is attacking you.”

“Sleeping In Your Car Should Be Completely Legal And Never Looked Down Upon”

“I don’t understand why it’s illegal in some places and under many circumstances to sleep in your car. Your car is your property and you should have the right to sleep in it without question. For any reason whatsoever. It could be that you can’t afford an apartment or you just decided not to drive home drunk and sleep in your car. Or any other damn reason. I understand if you park your car on someone’s property illegally and try to sleep in it you should be forced to find another spot but sleeping in your car should be legal. It’s property and no one should be telling me that I can’t sleep in it.”

“It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Like His Music, Tekashi 69 Slept With A 13 Year Old And By Listening To His Music You Are Lining The Pockets Of A Rapist”

“No music is worth actively giving a rapist money no matter how much you like his songs. I can’t understand the logic of continuing to support an artist that did something so terrible. He admitted to it in a court of law, how people still support this man is beyond me.”

“Hiring A Stripper Before The Day Of Your Supposed To Be Married To The Love Of Your Life Is Disgusting, And Extremely Weird”

“Now if you plan on having an open relationship, I don’t care, and disregard my title, but so many monogamous couples see this an opportunity to get their d@#k wet one last time or a hot nude man to strip for them. Just saying this is unpopular, because it was on the front page of a relationship. I always thought my Eastern (cannot bring up which one because Bot thinks I’m racist) Wedding Traditions were unnecessarily long and padded out, but it’s better then hiring an escort to pleasure you on the last day your “single”. Why get married if you’re going to miss the life of casual hookups that much?”

“I Am Sick To Death Of Hearing About The United States Of America, I Couldnt Care Any Less About That Country”

“Every time I open my phone, look at a newspaper, watch TV, or go onto my computer, all I see is news about the United States of America. I don’t give a single s@#t about that country, its infuriating. I couldn’t care less about who is running the USA any more than I care who is running Zimbabwe or Denmark.”

“Making Fun Of Men Who Lose Their Hair Because Of Male Pattern Baldness Is Body Shaming”

“Watching yourself lose all of your hair and not being able to do anything about it is an agonizing process and no one deserves to be made fun of for it. It is just as bad as any other form of body shaming and people who do it should be called out on it. If you think making fun of people who are fat, skinny, small, big etc etc is bad, but making fun of bald people is okay, then you are a hypocrite.”

“There Is Absolutely No Goddamn Reason Why You Should Have 10 Kids”

“Unless you’re adopting them, there’s no reason why you should have 10 kids. Especially if you’re struggling with your other kids.

Just absolutely no fu@#ing reason why. Four kids(biological) should be the maximum and even that’s pushing it.”

“Caller Id Should Be Mandatory. No Person Or Organization Should Be Able To Hide Behind “Unknown Caller”. If You Have Access To My Phone Number And Have Chosen To Contact Me, I Should Have A Right To Know Who You Are”

“I never answer my phone if its caller unknown and that could be a problem in an emergency. At the same time I can get up to 10 unknown calls a day from two separate numbers attached to a single device. If your calling me I should have a right to know who you are and yes that should influence if I will answer or not.”

“Broccoli Is Freaking Delicious And I Don’t Understand People Who Don’t Like It”

“I am not American, but my country’s tv channels play a lot of American shows and all these kids always complain about how utterly disgusting they find broccoli and how they would rather die than eat it.

Well if you’re gonna salt and boil it, what else do you expect? Add some spices, red chilli powder, olive oil, turmeric or some sauces, and it tastes absolutely godly. Even without too much spice, it still tastes so good and I love gorging on them.”

“One Of The Biggest Failings Of Modern Education Is Managing To Convince A Whole Generation That Wikipedia Is An Unreliable Source”

“Wikipedia is a practically unlimited source of free knowledge which is constantly being monitored by an army of nerds.

The fact that we do not have to pay for access is a miracle.

(Near enough) every article has a full and reliable list of references at the bottom.

I understand that students should be encouraged use the references at the bottom for true research but this is not taught. Students are simply told ‘Stay away from Wikipedia, anyone can change it, it’s completely unreliable’.”

“Nobody Should Have To Work 1/3rd Of Their Lives, For Over 40 Years, To Retire At ~60 Just To Finish Off Whatever Is Left Of Their Lives”

“As of right now I am 18 years old and looking into the future is depressing. I figure I’m gonna have to work 8 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a day and then have 8 hours a day to myself. This does not include things like getting ready for work, commute or shopping/cooking. At the end of the day I’m only going to have a few hours to do what I want… for over 40 years. It seems like my entire life is just preparing me to follow directions and then putting me into a factory where I’m a brick in a wall (reference intended). When I tell other people this, I get a response along the lines of: “That’s what everyone has to do,” or “That’s how its always been.” Why? Even if it is how life works. How it has to be to maintain quality for everyone. What is the point in living? This is existential crisis material. Thanks for reading.

tl;dr – People think I’m crazy for thinking working 1/3rd of your life is crazy.”

“Most Soldiers Do Not “Fight For Our Rights” But Rather Fight For Money, A Career, Or By Compulsion From A Draft”

“The last war that was really about “our rights” was the civil war. Vietnam, WWI, II, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan were really about global power dynamics. The soldiers that fought in these wars were not defending our rights, because our rights were not really being threatened.”

“Racism Is Not Getting Worse… It’s Getting Caught On Camera”

“Even with all this stuff going on. I don’t believe that Racism is as bad as the early 1900s.

With the way technology is advancing today, we’re able to see people for who they really are and called them out. Say what you want but atleast people from other races are fighting together. It isn’t perfect, but I can say, atleast we’re trying.”

“If You Don’t Want To Donate Your Organs After You Die; You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Receive Donated Organs”

“The only exception is if you cannot donate an organ for medical reasons, I’ve heard people say that they would accept a donated organ (but they wouldn’t be happy to donate one) which is the height of selfishness in my opinion, letting people die so that a dead religious person can keep their organs (which will be cremated or buried) is insane.”

“I Would Rather Date Someone With No Social Media Presence Than Someone Who Posts Several Selfies A Day Across Multiple Social Media Platforms”

“I’ve found people with less social media presence tend to be less narcissistic and worlds more interesting. It seems like everyone wants to be an influencer nowadays or needs to feel validated for whatever reason. Don’t even get me started on influencing. You can be a catch and not put yourself out there so much. Idk, maybe I just enjoy my privacy. I don’t like having selfies of my spouse and I posted every day and to have my personal life plastered across the internet. I doubt I’m alone with this opinion.”

“The Night Before A Day Off Work Is Way Better Then The Actual Day Off”

“Staying up late feeling like you got all the time in the world the night before a day off is 10x better than the actual day off where you need to be asleep by a certain time to get up for work the next day”

“Elon Musk Isn’t A Good Person”

“Now i know that this is a REALLY unpopular opinion because Elon Musk is a poster boy for zoomers because he posts and likes memes on twitter. Right at the start of the world pandemic he was posting on twitter how the panic is stupid and that people are panicking without a reason, even though people were falling and dying like flies into thousands of numbers, he belittled the virus and said how it was not that bad, and even compared it to a common flu, now he posts tweets to free the country and that people have lost their freedom, other than that he is praizing Texas on twitter for openning up stores and businesses, this is a great example of a billionaire that doesn’t care about people and only cares about his money, i don’t know how i feel about him at the moment, i am sad because he was one of the billionaires that were doing good for earth.. but this is just a big disappointment, i wonder where will he take this. What are your thoughts on this?”

“True Gender Equality Will Be Marked By Nonchalance Towards, Not Celebration Of Gender”

“If true gender equality comes to fruition, then what it will mean is that people will stop giving a f@#k about one another’s gender. Everyone would have equal opportunity, treatment, respect and appreciation, while being judged based on character, ability, personality and other proper grounds based on the situation. There would be no need for gender-based celebrations, since all related hurdles would have already been crossed.

What will be celebrated though, is mankind coming one step closer to overall human equality.”

“Math Is Awesome And The Only Reason People Don’t Like It Is That Schools Are Bad At Teaching It”

“In my opinion, math is the most beautiful of any “traditional school subject,” but the thing is schools are set up in a way that encourages teaching math as a bunch of formulas to memorize. And real math is seldom about memorization. I heard a friend describe math as “the most useful game humanity has ever created” and I have to say I agree with that. Math is like a game, it’s a playground where you try to extrapolate truths from a set of rules. I will now spend the rest of this post explaining parts of math that are ignored in schools but are super interesting to me. My explanations don’t use any technical math terms, but some of the videos linked will require some thinking.”

“Once Someone Agrees With You And Acknowledges Their Mistake, That’s Your Cue To Shut Up”

“This one makes me rage sometimes. So there you are, having made some sort of mistake.

For hypotheticals lets pretend you forgot to put your mask on before going into Walmart. (This isn’t about masks dont make it about masks, just using an example).

“Sir you need to have a mask on.” (Acceptable)

“Why yes here it is, I’m so sorry I forgot. You’re right.” (Puts on mask)

We are officially done here.

“Well you see theres a pandemic going on…..” (wrong. The conversation is over)

“Yeah, you’re right I’m sorry man.” (Acknowledged twice now, problem corrected! We are done now.)

“When you dont have a mask on you can infect other people….” (why the hell are you still talking)”

“Men’s Mental Health Is A Joke To Everyone And It’s Really Disheartening As A Mom To Two Boys”

” My words might be all over the place, just trying to gather my thoughts.

It’s crazy to me how in this day and age we advocate for women’s mental health, we advocate for people to be understanding of women’s needs. But i noticed with the whole Will smith debacle (His wife jada was sleeping with someone while they were still married but taking a break) anyways in the video he looks really sad and like he’d been crying – might’ve just been tired but nevertheless, the internet wouldn’t stop with the jokes. If the shoe were on the other foot it would be people banding together calling others insensitive. I know that it’s popular right now to say “men are trash” and i just think if people went around saying “women are trash” everyone would be up in arms. We should be advocating for good mental health for ALL people. I know statistically speaking men commit more crimes and stuff like that, and it’s more of a reason to lift men up and advocate for their mental health.”

“It’s So F@#ked Up That Talking To Kids Is Now Taboo”

“This is something I seriously want people’s opinions on. I saw a post of Leo DiCaprio taking a selfie with a young fangirl (looked like 12yo or something) at the US Open and just sitting there chatting to her. The first comment I see is “Idk this makes me uncomfortable”

I can’t tell you how much it pissed me off. Someone in my eyes doing something so f@#king cool as giving a fan the time of day and chatting to them can INSTANTLY be associated with pedophilia. It makes me sick. And then we call out celebrities when they don’t want to take a selfie with us?

I love kids. I love listening to them, I love escaping reality with them, I love teaching them, I love watching them grow. How does someone see that and think “Well then you must love having sex with them too”

How fu@#ing disturbed are you as a person for your mind to take that route? In this picture Leo isn’t touching the girl, he’s not sniffing the girl or doing some other creepy @$$ s@#t. How is talking to a young person instantly associated with pedophilia?

We desperately need to change this attitude, because the people protecting and making young kids feel comfortable are being shamed and wrongfully accused of pedophilia.

By all means, at all times be wary. But don’t just jump to pedophilia. That is f@#ked up and we need to change that mindset.”

“News Should Be A Dry Recitation Of Facts. If It Isn’t, Then It’s An Opinion Intended To Stir Your Emotions Into Clouding Your Judgement”

“It’s so hard to find a news outlet that will just present the information without spin. Without trying to push you one way or another. I just want to know what happened so I can decide whether I like it or not. Why is that so hard to find? Quit telling me what to think.”

“You Don’t Need To Love Your Career. You Just Need To Be Able To Tolerate It So You Can Finance Doing What You Love”

“Don’t find fulfillment in your career. Find fulfillment in the hobbies you have, adventures you go on, and people you help because you have the financial freedom to do so. If you love your job that’s awesome, but this isn’t realistic for many people.”

“I’m So Freaking Tired Of Being Forced To Care About Everything All At Once”

” I’m just one guy. I try to be a good person; I try to treat everyone equally; I try to be kind and compassionate; I try to be a force of good.

But I’m just one guy. I have problems of my own. I have a life of my own. I shouldn’t be expected to constantly wade through the s@#t that is the political and societal hellscape of 2020. I’m not a racist because you don’t think I’m angry enough. I’m not uneducated because I don’t pour through hours of toxic political commentary. I’m not privileged for wanting to distance myself from hatred.

I’m so sick of being alternatively mocked and hated for not living up to other people’s freedom fighter fantasy. I’m trying my best but I’m just one guy. “

“Amazon Could Really Use A “Filter Out Chinese Sellers” Option”

” It is so frustrating to shop on Amazon with the Chinese sellers and manufacturers on the site.

The fake reviews are overwhelming (think 50-90% fake reviews on FakeSpot or ReviewMeta), plus the products are cheap and break and when you go back to the manufacturer, most of them don’t exist after 1-2 years. I would assume it’s the same group of people making cr#ppy merchandise and cycling their names over and over again and buying the same fake reviews.

Beyond this, I’m always worried that they’ve put some pollutant or carcinogen into the manufacturing process because their regulations are so lax. The examples in the media are countless–toothpaste with diethylene glycol, pet food that kills our dogs and cats, toys with lead paint, make up with lead, beryllium, bacterial contamination, cheap hardware that self destructs after a year.

And it can be so hard to tell because they often manufacture for companies like Mattel and Nestle so you think you’re getting American or European.

This has been going on for decades and we just turn a blind eye to it because they’re cheaper. Business ethics wise, they’re about where the US was in the 1920s. This is an example of how capitalism can result in deadly consequences without strong governmental regulation.

Please feel free to downvote me into oblivion, whatever, I don’t care, I’m just sick of the nonsense.”

“Not Learning (Or Worse, Not Teaching Your Kids) To Swim Is One Of The Absolute Stupidest Things You Could Do”

” Swimming is like walking, but for water. It’s part of the few basic means of movement we, humans, have at our disposal, along with running, crawling and climbing. Not knowing how to swim puts you at a HUGE disadvantage, as you pretty much can’t avoid water. Any mildly interesting / fun activity might turn into a potentially lethal one, should you not know how to swim. Going fishing? Better not fall into the water… It’s like permadeath for video games: instead of ending up wet, and maybe slightly (or very) cold, you just friggin’ die if you fall into deep water. I know, swimmers can drown too, but if you can’t swim, you’re guaranteed to have to be rescued.

On another note, it’s so weird to see healthy people being incapable of performing the most basic human activities: I’ve seen grown men injure themselves trying to climb over a 3 feet fence (not drunk), women twisting their ankles and tearing tendons when running towards a bus stop, etc. Now, I’m not saying that everybody needs to be a world-class climber like Adam Ondra or swimmer, like Michael Phelps. But learning how to… I don’t know, not die when navigating anything but flat terrain seems like it should be part of being a grown human.”

“Digital Copies Of Games Should Be Far Cheaper Than Physical Copies”

” The company is avoiding the following costs by selling digitally:

Sourcing materials



Shelf space

Employee wages

YET IT STILL costs the same price as a digital copy. Anyone who buys digital is absolutely being scammed.”

“If Will Smith Had Cheated On Jada The Internet Would Crucify Him, But Since It Was The Other Way Around People Are Making Fun Of Him”

” It is disgusting. If Will had cheated on Jada the entire internet would turn on him and crucify him. Except because he is a man he is the one being mocked and memed.

Firstly, we don’t have a reason to be involved in their relationship, and if they choose to make it work then good on them.

However, that doesn’t mean Jada should be proud of her actions. She abused the trust of a great man. I’m kinda surprised the internet isn’t backing Will on this to be honest.”

“Vanilla Is Not “Plain.” It Is A Flavor, And It’s A Damn Good One Too”

” I hate always being teased for ordering vanilla ice cream or buying a vanilla cake. No, vanilla is not plain. It is a flavor, and there is such thing as plain ice cream (nasty btw). If anything, chocolate is more plain than vanilla since literally everything can be chocolate.”

“I’m 100% Ok With Homeless People Using My Money For Booze And Cigarettes”

“Most people I’ve talked to say they avoid giving money to homeless folks because they think they will use it for beer, cigarettes, and/or drugs. They would rather give them food or some other tangible item to help them out. While I understand the thinking behind it I’m also not naive enough to think that my $5 is going to magically get this person off the streets and back on their feet. These people are already down on their luck and have enough to worry about. If my $5 helps get them a pack of cigarettes or a beer and that’s what they need to get through another day with the s@#tty hand they’ve been dealt then i’m OK with that.”

“As A Healthcare Worker, I Find Clapping Extremely Cringy. This Is Literally Our Job. Stop Glorifying Us”

” As the title says. I’m so sick of this virtue signaling on social media and cities where everyone is clapping and praising us. When you apply to medical school you apply to these terms and it’a just our job. Sure, it’s tiresome and the situation isn’t really great but still. A lot of my coworkers are pumping their ego with this and enjoy the attention. I don’t”

“The Buff Teenagers Played By Twenty Year Olds Are Incredibly Detrimental To Teenager’s Self Esteem”

” It’s impossible to watch something nowadays that’s aimed towards teens without these portrayals. This is creating massive delusions for young teenagers in terms of what they think they will look like or should look like and it’s terrible. It should be banned. They are designed to be idolised or even sexualised and displayed as desired so what do think it does to a person who doesn’t look like that.”

“People Are Always Concerned About The Planet We’re Leaving For Our Kids, But Nobody Cares About What Kind Of Kids We’re Leaving For The Planet”

“Every single day we are getting away from being human, what we’ve learned in thousands of years….. We are getting more and more just materialistic beings…….. I don’t see a bright future here ……. Well, not too optimistic.”

“The Way Americans Talk About “The Founding Fathers” As If They’re Some Sacred Gods Who Had It All Figured Out 200 Years Ago Is Very Weird And Cringey”

“I get that they are historically important, but some people think these guys from 200 years ago were incredible at predicting the future. As a non American, this always seems weird to me.”

“It’s Totally Ok To Play Video Games On The Easiest Setting To Enjoy The Story Line.”

“I have been getting so much grief from my gamer friends for playing games on easy mode. They are calling me “not a true gamer” because I don’t play on hard mode. I just want to enjoy a game for the story line and not get frustrated dying endless times not being able to defeat a boss or making a simple mistake. Does that make me less of a gamer?”

“Restaurants That Have Pictures Of Their Dishes On The Menu Are Awesome And Should Be Totally Normalized”

” Whenever I hear someone talk about a restaurant where the menus have pictures of the food on them, they talk about it as if it’s a red flag. Bulls@#t!! I want to see pictures of what the food I am going to order looks like!! It’s so much easier to decide what you want to eat that way. Oh and I don’t understand how people can think it’s tacky then look at the food at the table next to them and be like “oh that looks good”, then ask the other table what they ordered so they can order the same thing. I don’t care if it makes me seem like a dumb small minded person. I wanna see more pictures of food. It rules!!”

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