Noise Neighbor Revenge Story Gets Real Serious

“Throughout the year I had noisy and thoughtless neighbors. They would often have loud parties that would go to the early hours of the morning. They were all in university, and of Indian descent (this becomes important later on). I had called the police, called the apartment manager, nobody would do anything about it.”

“I was losing sleep, and my work was becoming effected as well. I had spoken to them directly, and they completely disregarded me, and refused to just shut the f@#k up. This went on for months, and I was riding out my lease to move somewhere else. One day I’m sitting watching TV on a nice spring day, and I have my windows wide open, and I hear one of the neighbors friends come over, and he asks if he’s coming out, and he says no, he needs to study for an important test he’s taking the next day.”

“This little snippet of information was all I needed. His friend leaves and he closes the door. I then proceded to take my speakers and put them up against the walls, near where I knew his desk was (there were balconies outside so I often saw him studying here), and I began to blare Merzbow, and Death Metal straight at the wall. I put on my noise canceling headphones and just blasted it as loud as possible for hours.”

“My landlord actually ended up coming into the apartment, because I didn’t hear him knocking, and he’s obviously flipping out, but I’m like “meh, you never did s@#t when I complained so good luck! Call the cops :D”

“My lease was set to be up soon anyway, and I was leaving the state, so f@#k y’all! So Landlord leaves, and I’m still amped up on adrenaline, and it’s quiet for maybe 20 minutes, and I just intermittently start blasting music. The neighbor comes over irate, screaming that he has this big test, and he’s got to pass it (apparently a medical student) and I just laughed in his face and said “I don’t hear anything”.”

“He then makes a fantastic mistake, which was telling me he didn’t just have a final tomorrow, but it was finals week! Oh great! Added stress for the week = the fact that I continue doing this every night for the rest of the week. I set my alarm to go off every 30 minutes, and I would bang on the walls with a hammer, and blast music, and I was going a bit crazy as well, but that didn’t matter, because I was f@#king up this guys life.”

“Around day 3 of no sleep for anyone, he comes over screaming about how in India his family will disown him and all this nonsense, which just made me laugh and just said the same thing over and over, that I didn’t hear the music, and I think it was coming from somewhere else.

I basically just started gaslighting him, acting really nice when he came over in a rage. That weekend the landlord gave some bulls@#t notice that I had to leave, which I was fine with, because he broke my lease and I wanted to get out anyway, so I got my deposit back.”

“On the last morning I was there, I was moving out, and I knocked on the d@#khead neighbors door at like 8 am and asked him if he wanted this old air conditioner I was going to throw out otherwise. He was totally in a daze, and I don’t know if he really understood what was happening any longer. Anyway, hopefully I f@#ked up his life, and his future a bit. Should’ve shut the f@#k up when I told him numerous times.”

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