30 Photos Of Unnecessary Packaging

“Hong Kong Supermarket Selling Individually Plastic Wrapped And Boxed Strawberry. For $21. One Strawberry”

“Ridiculously Redundant Over-Packaging”

“Replacing The Egg Shell With More Plastic To Go Into The Ocean”

“Plastic Has To Removed From Every Single Mini Sausage Before Cooking”

“Packaged Chopped Parsley”

“If Only Oranges Came With Their Own Protective Packaging So We Didn’t Have To Use Plastic”

“Individually Wrapped Grapes In Japan”

“The Three Layers Of Plastic Protection For These Oranges. How Is This Even Allowed?”

“Your Coke Needs That Plastic”

“Such A Waste Of Plastic”

“Asparagus Water???”

“What Can You Even Make With 1 Tomato?? The Styrofoam Bedding”

“I Can’t Even Imagine How Much Plastic Waste Is Just Sitting In Landfills Because Of Pointless Things Like This”

“Pre Peeled Bananas In Plastic. There Is So Much Wrong With This!!”

“Harry & David Strawberries”

“Looks Like Some People Are Still Grapeling With Their New Year’s Resolutions”

“Spraying Water Over Vegetables Wrapped In Plastic, Complete Waste”

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Fruit Like Bananas Had Their Own Natural Packaging To Help Reduce Plastic Pollution?”

“This Is Some Next Level Laziness”

“My Wife Wanted Peeled Garlic. They Peeled, Then Individually Wrapped Them”

“My Hellofresh Meal Kit Came With 4 Individually Bagged Carrots And A Bagged Slice Of Bread'”

“A Packaged Lemon, With The Slogan “Waste Less, Enjoy More””

“This Individually Packaged Slice Of Whole Wheat Bread”

“Cannot Beleaf This From M&s”

“It’s Getting Hot In Here, So Take Off All Your Cloves”

“If Only Bananas Had Robust, Natural, Bio-Degradable Packaging Of Their Own. Some Sort Of Peelable Skin, Perhaps”

“Individually Wrapped Gummy Bears”

“Individually Wrapped Peppers That Are Used For Salad And Pre Cut Into 1/4s Just To Have To Be Cut Again Into Smaller Pieces”

“These Peeled Avocados Wrapped In Plastic”

“The Most Ridiculous Part About Living In Japan: Plastic Everywhere!”


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