30+ Photos Show That Our World Is Amazing

“Aftermath of the controlled burn off of the chemicals from a 50 car derailment in Palestine Ohio”

“Passenger photo while plane flew near East Palestine, Ohio … chemical fire after train derailed”

“In 1925 Percy Fawcett vanished in the amazon jungle, in his 3rd attempt to find “Z”, a lost ancient city deep in the jungle, commonly believed to be a myth. Recent technological advances have made it possible to digitally deforest part of the amazon, revealing an extensive urban settlement”

“The ancient city of Nimrud stood for 3,000 years (in what is present day Iraq) until 2015 when it was reduced to dust in a single day by Isis militants.”

“The controller of US Army’s M-SHORAD”

“Princess Diana’s Grave is isolated on the island in the middle of an ornamental lake, and not open to the public.”

“A statue of Jesus in India mysteriously began dripping water from its toes. Worshippers started collecting it and drinking it believing it was holy. The source of the water was later found to be a clogged toilet near the statue.”

“Tagging and blood tests for bison. Just to give you an idea of how big they are, this male weighs around 3000lbs.”

“The Vatican archives have 53 miles of shelving. 35 thousand volumes of catalogue. 12 centuries worth of documents. The archives’ indexes are not public and are only accessible to scholars once they are 75 years old. By 2018, the archives had 180 terabytes (TB) of digital storage capacity.”

“An NYC police officer comes face-to-face with Ming, a 350 lb tiger secretly living in an apartment”

“Sign at an elementary school in Texas”

“This is what a cell in Sweden’s biggest prison looks like:”

This is what a cross-section of wood from the 1950s looks like compared with a cross-section of wood from today:

The modern wood is on top, the 1950s wood on bottom.

This is what the set of Seinfeld looked like:

Specifically, this is what it looked like during the filming of the Seinfeld reunion episode during Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

And this is what the set of I Love Lucy looks like in full color:

During World War II, the statue of “David” by Michelangelo was completely encased in bricks to prevent damage from bombs:

This is what the late 7-foot-7-inch NBA legend Manute Bol looked like while swimming in a typical swimming pool:

Now we need to see Muggsy Bogues swimming in the pool for comparison.

This is what the American section in a German sporting goods store looks like:

This is (probably) the oldest olive tree on Earth, clocking in at a whopping 3,500-plus years old:

This is what the back of the “Mona Lisa” looks like:

Now, you’re obviously familiar with the front side of a peacock. It’s majestic. Glorious, even! But have you ever seen a peacock’s back side? Now you have:

This, in all its glory, is what the inside of the Wienermobile looks like:

This is what’s behind a movie screen:

A whole bunch of speakers just blastin’ sound at your maw.

You can tell the difference between cheap pasta and expensive pasta by looking at them:

On the left is the cheaper pasta, on the right the expensive pasta.

This is what the city of Seattle used to be like before a major regrading project changed it, flattening hills and reshaping the landscape to “open up the city to more commerce”:

Looks like a different planet, not the home of our beloved Seattle Mariners.

This is what a credit card from the 1950s looked like:

This is artist Dario Campanile next to the painting he made for Paramount’s 75th anniversary. The painting would go on to be the source of the company’s subsequent logos:

Screwdrivers…well, screwdrivers can be really, really big:

The is what a map of the world’s oceans and only the world’s oceans looks like:

There’s a place in Norway named Rjukan that, because it’s wedged between a bunch of tall mountains, only gets sun for less than half a year:

In order to get the residents some of that sweet, sweet vitamin D, a series of giant mirrors were built to reflect sunlight into the town. You can see them at work here:

Some elevators have buttons you can press with your FEET:

And finally, this is the letter President Jimmy Carter wrote and put aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft, intended for any aliens the probe might encounter:

Source:  www.buzzfeed.com

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