30 Surreal Pics Оf Liminal Spaces Shared By People

The following collection of surreal pics offers a glimpse into the eerie and otherworldly realm of liminal spaces.


This Is One Of The First Liminal Space Pictures I Made, Hope You Like It!

Just The Two Of Us

This Was My Neighborhood Today

This Empty Beach Me & My Girlfriend Saw While Taking A Walk Last Night

Had No Idea A Part Of My School Looked Like This Until Last Night

Only You

You’ve Reached The End

My Hometown Movie Theater

Chinese Ghost City Look Like A World Boarder Of A Game

This Area In My School Courtyard Always Gives Me Such A Weird Feeling When I Walk Alone In It

Road To The Unkown

One Last Look Back

Feels Like A Dream I’ve Had


Perfect Forest

Abandoned Subways In Paris Are Bring Re-Purposed As Swimming Pools

Saw This On Twitter, Where The Nambia Desert Meets The Ocean. Feels Surreal

Petrol Station After A Good Downpou

It Continues Forever

Dreaming Again?

Yesterday I Went To Windows Xp

The Building Next To The Hotel Im Staying At

No One At Sight, No Sounds, Just The Wind

I Took This Long Exposure Photo Of Wind Turbines, Felt Like It Fit Here


A Very Uneasy Feeling

My Girlfriend Works In A Bingo Hall And Sent Me This

Abandoned Nuclear Plant

“I Think I Have Wandered Too Far”

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