30 Women Share The Most Stunning “Ugly Duckling” Transformations

“Age 15 vs. Age 22. Thank Goodness For Puberty”

“12-22 Got contacts, learned how to do makeup and hair and maintaining a healthier weight.”

“10 To 20! My Nickname Used To Be ‘Uglie’”

“Me, 14 -> 21”

“13 To 26 I Still Do My Own Hair Cuts But I Think They’re A Little Better Now”

“Weight Loss, Better Eyebrows… Same Smirk Tho”

“13-24. Did I Age Backwards?”

“First picture 19, second one 22, third one 23. Farewell to 4~ years of depression and excess weight!”

“Around 14 or so, to 22.”

“Still Working On Myself, But Time And Hygiene Can Do Wonders! I Was Wearing Makeup In The First Pic, And Not The Second.”

“Deleted Instagram And Facetune At 20. Stopped Hiding My Flaws Behind Unrealistic Snapchat Filters. Most Importantly, Stopped Comparing Myself To Others. Proud Of My Growth”

“Very thankful for the glow up”

“Severely bullied in school and had no friends. Told I looked like an ugly man. No work done to my face.. only braces.”

“Dyed my hair, opened my eyes, got eyebrows… idk figured my shit out (13y/o-21y/o)”

“4 years apart! I got bullied relentlessly but now a few of those bullies actually asked me out! Hard no.”

“(16-24) From emo, short hair, glasses, acne, braces and baggy clothes to sunglasses, blonde hair and makeup”

“(7, 11, 24) From Gremlin to Grown up.”

“17 vs 30. Finally starting to feel confident about myself”

“15 (Lol) – 27”

“14 -> 24 Took 10 years to learn how to do my hair”

“Gained some confidence over the years (16 to 20)”

“12-23, Thank God For Puberty”

“Left (16 years old, never kissed a boy, genuinely believed I would be a 40 year old virgin), Right (26 years old, much happier)”

“Age 10 – 18! Thank god for braces (my teeth r straight now, I swear)”

“13-24. Did I age backwards?”

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