31 Unreal Coincidences

“It was our first time to visit the shop.”

“This random stranger and I have wedding rings cut from the deck of the same ship.”

“These airplane trails crossing in the same spot”

“The sun is making my door feel exclamatory today.”

“The sunshine lined up nicely as this FedEx truck drove by.”

“The picture on the back of this RV lines up with the mountains in the background.”

“A friend of mine shot a dart into another dart, Robin Hood-style.”

“My daughter had a flower headband on and a butterfly landed on it!”

“My brother spent a year trying to get a lightning photo. He caught this last night, I just noticed the boat in the bottom left.”

“My iPhone collected iron sand at the beach.”

“The 2 people next to me on my flight have the same forearm tattoo.”

“My friend is wearing the same color shirt as the room he is painting.”

“The inside of a tomato looks like a strawberry.”

“The lighting effect in my room this morning — a projection of the building across the street”

“My new housemate and I discovered that her coasters match my mugs (almost) perfectly.”

“I dropped an egg on my shirt this morning.”

“My brother turned 22 on 02.02.2022.”

“Please don’t step on, my friend.”

“This well-camouflaged moth”

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