48 Photos Show That The World Is Full Of Weirdness

“We ordered toothbrushes on eBay from China but received eye masks instead. I will use them wisely.”

“Just an ordinary AirPods case.”

“The bench in this 24-hour laundry is a giant clothespin.”

“The text on this bottle is becoming alphabet soup.”

“Eating $ and pooping cents. Coin machine or the economy?”

“This mascot that’s meant to be a mascot of dentistry where I live”

“Found this gem while exploring an antique store with my parents.”

“An Oregon Trail-themed bedroom”

“How my girlfriend slices onions”

“My fortune cookie had 2 fortunes in it.”

“When you left the husband to take care of the rabbit”

“I used to be a postman and once found a sealed pack of bacon inside the postbox.”

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