32 Hilarious Teachers Try To Up Their Meme Game

My history teacher posted this to day

Quality content from my mythology class

My teacher rotates memes on her board every week. This is the best one so far.

New hall passes at a high school

English teachers memes are getting better

Found in my chem department

First day of school and the teachers pull this

My school is having a book fair and my social studies teacher handed these out

My biology teachers presentation.

My schools attempt at fighting suicide

Courtesy of my teacher


My history teacher printed out memes, made them into postcards, and sent them to the class by post

My teacher always opens Social Studies with a meme…

In my English class

What My teach posted on online school. Not really A “r/fellowkids” cause my teacher is pretty young and is modern.

My teacher has put this on a survey for distance online schooling……

My science teacher has yet to realize that nobody has created a doge meme since 2016

My ~60 year old accounting teacher using tiger king memes

History teacher makes relate meme (Sorry for angle of the picture)

My teacher sent this To the class in online classes.

My teacher posted this on Google Classroom

My music teacher sent us this, bless her soul

My teacher inviting me to join the online class

My new english teachers PowerPoint about LITerature

My english class teacher put this up…

My math teachers terrible meme, just read it a couple of times it gets worse

This poster had nothing to do with the class it’s by

My math teacher, sadly not her first time

My psychology teacher decided to put this gem in our revision books

My Teacher trying to make one of those meme things

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