Mysterious Abandoned Mansion With Designer Clothes In The Wardrobe And A Bentley In The Yard

British man was walking around London and stumbled upon this abandoned house on the city’s northern border. This is what he found inside.

The kitchen – once full of posh utensils and time-saving mod cons – now has part of the roof collapsing in

There are empty fish tanks lined up in a grand hallway and a dishwasher still has plates inside washed and ready to use

A potted plant is still alive in its pot on a windowsill next to a telescope lined up ready for its owner to look at the night sky

A huge bathroom contains a jacuzzi bath with half-used shampoo and conditioner bottles lined up nearby

A Japanese-themed piano occupies a place of pride in one of the rooms with the music left out ready to play

And stacks of china sit on a living room table next to oddly white and dust-free sofas

And even more eerily, a half-finished game of chess is placed on a dining room table, a further nod to the fact that the house’s occupants may have fled hastily

The urban explorer who took these images said they had never seen such a well-preserved house

A utility room has a snooker table and outside, four or five cars – including a rusted Bentley – lie in overgrown grass

They said unopened post starting in 2016 filled the entrance hallway, so it appears the family fled four years ago

“I’ve seen a lot of these places and most are in a far worse state than this one,” the traveler told Bored Panda

“It was literally like the people who lived there got up in the middle of the night and ran without taking anything”

“There was dry cleaning still in the plastic wrapping – it appears they didn’t even pack a bag”

The urban explorer believes the former occupants were Russian, but Land Registry documents show the house is owned by a Dorset-based company

“Maybe they fled back to Russia?”

“It must have been a fast move as even their toothbrushes were still there”

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