33 Fascinating Discoveries In The Woods



This Super Mario themed pipe and cement I found in the woods.



Found these bathtubs while hiking.



Found in the woods at my work, nearby is a pile of other toys.



I came across a tank tread in the woods.



I found a fire hydrant in the middle of nowhere, 30 minutes from civilization.



This ancient Mountain Dew can I found in the woods


Ms. Piggy


A giant pile of zested lemons found in the woods



Random keyboard in the middle of the woods.



Found these caterpillars performing some special ritual in the woods today.



I found a secret subway entrance in the woods



I found an apparent iron-nickel meteorite in the woods



I was walking around the woods in my backyard when I saw something that made me jump. I don’t have any neighbors.



Found a note on a hike.



You find a freezer in the woods, duct taped shut. Do you open it?



Found in the middle of the woods



So I found a baseball in the woods.



Found an old fuselage while hiking in the forest in Hawaii.



Found something that looked like a coffin in the woods today



Found an old lightsaber in the woods.



Abandoned train tunnel we found in the woods.



Found this phone booth in the middle of the woods



My aunt found this warhead in the woods behind her house.



An old piano found in the woods under a tree trunk



I found a staircase in the woods



Found all these old records hidden deep in the woods



A caravan lost in the woods



This old graveyard I found in the woods behind my new house



Class dismissed



Found old soviet bunkers in the woods



I found an old crematorium in the woods of an uninhabited island



Someone planted this on a trail near Leadville, CO


Found something creepy in the woods


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