33 Restaurants That Take Requests Way Too Literally

“I, too, asked for extra ranch…”

“Late for work, hit the drive-thru for breakfast. Eggs weren’t ready so staff asked if I could go around and through the pass again as the patron behind just ordered drinks. Two more cars whip in front of me and I’m left to wait. Guess they felt bad and also comped a muffin.”

“Customer asked for extra cream on their chilaquiles…. my co-worker complied (?)”

“Asked for extra salt on my margarita. They covered half the glass.”

“Asked for extra cookie dough pieces in my Sonic blast.”

“I asked my friend for a few Jawbreakers. He handed me what feels like 3lbs.”

“Asked for “extra, extra caramel.””

“I asked for as much Polynesian Sauce as possible.”

“I asked for extra ranch”

“Asked for hot mustard and some soy sauce. They came thru with 6 hot mustard and 15 soy sauces”

“Took care of the extra cheese boss.”

“Ask for sausages, receive SAUSAGES.”

“Wife asked for extra lettuce on her Big Mac. Donald delivered”

“Asked them to f@#k me up with scallions, and they did.”

“Vodka soda with a bunch of limes” thank you bartender.

“Strawberry Salad from the country club. Way overpriced and finally perfect.”

“My coworkers built me a shrine when I asked for some pickles.”

“Asked for as much halloumi cheese as they are allowed to give me without getting fired. That was amazingly juicy!”

“Ordered extra pineapple and was not disappointed.”

“Asked for ranch for 6 bbq wings”

“Customers asked for extra pickles in his bloody…Overflowed”

“My mom asked for her BK chicken sandwich cut in half.”

“Skip the other garnish, all I need is the beans”

“Extra pickles in my sandwich and some ranch on the side, please! xo”

“Asked Cracker Barrel for extra mayo for my burger.”

“Asked for extra strawberries on my Sundae at DQ.”

“All the pickles”

“Sesame Chicken, add egg”

“Me: “Can I get lots of chicken salt on that?” Takeaway shop dude: “Say no more.””

“Can I please get a hibachi chicken with broccoli as the only vegetable?”

“This was my order of to-go biscuits and gravy.”

“Not sure if fits, but, went in asking for a few sides of sauce, came out w/ 64 oz! Freezing most of it.”

“So they asked for extra sour cream did they?”

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