35 Hilarious ‘Expectations VS. Reality’ Photos

“We had some pasta in our peas instead of the other way around.”

“What is this? A pool for ants?”

“Looks more like crust and air.”

“How the pillow looked on a website vs how it looks on my 9-lb (4 kg) dog’s bed.”

“Maybe it’s the actual size, but it must be a really small chair.”

“Didn’t expect much, but this just reached an entirely new low.”

“You should’ve ordered the tiny couch to go with it.”

“I swear these never used to be this bad.”

“So I bought this bag for my dog who is 15 lb (7 kg). It said it could carry dogs up to 20 lb (9 kg).”

“Don’t bother buying the chunky seal.”

“It will eventually grow.”

“I bought this to cheer myself up…”

“Ordered these jeans online. They arrived today and looked like this…”

“Wanted a backyard with a fireplace.”

“I ordered an ’outdoor garden watering can.’”

“I ordered a small. I did not expect this…”

“My cereal is a disappointment.”

“Teasing people with cake is not nice.”

“I know he’s a big cat, that’s why I ordered the large size.”

“The tattoo an acquaintance paid for…”

“We wanted to create something beautiful for our wedding cake. I turned out to be a pregnant sumo wrestler.”

“Tried cutting my friend’s hair. He wanted a smiley face.”

“If only it could stand.”

“Well, it was nice whilst it lasted.”

“My friend ordered this jacket from AliExpress for his wedding. He ended up going with something else on the day.”

“When u binge a bake show and think u have it in ya”

“Tried vegan soft cookies, got vegan soft sludge”

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