34 Photos Prove That Geography Is Exciting

“Nature Map”

“Map Lovers, I Recently Stopped For 30 Min In A Bookshop Checking Out This Maps Book. Love The Way Visual Information Sticks In Mind!”

“World Map Cantered On Antarctica”

“Countries Which Offer Paid Maternity Leave And The Time They Provide For Expecting Mothers”

“Every Purple Line Is A Bicycle Lane In The Netherlands”

“In Case You Didn’t Know, Holland & The Netherlands Are Not Interchangeable”

“Percentage Of Population “Absolutely Certain” God Exists In Europe vs. Us”

“Europe Used To Look Like This, Before It United”

“The Yuxi Circle: The World’s Most Overpopulated Area”

“Population Density Of Africa!”

“I Made A 3D Model Based On A 1660 Map Of New Amsterdam / New YorkI Made A 3D Model Based On A 1660 Map Of New Amsterdam / New York”

“Latitude Of World Cities Compared To Europe”

“I Love How Africa’s Third Longest River Takes Such A Long Route To Get To The Sea From The Source In Southern Guinea”

“Europe Mapped By Trees Per Kilometre Squared (Tree Density)”

“World Map Of Billionaires”

“The Old Borders Of The German Empire Can Still Be Seen In Present-Day Polish Election Results”

“Europe’s Most Popular Last Names”

Source: old.reddit.com

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