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Kate Uptons beach bunny swimwear shots – Leenks

Beautiful women that no mere mortal can resist (85 Photos) – Linkiest

This sex pillow is worth every penny and much better than relying on your standard pillow! It is incredibly firm, supportive and sinking-proof – it just doesn’t get squashed by body weight and it allows for deeper penetration – Amazon

Make Peace With Your Unlived Life – HBR

GPU prices are falling below MSRP due to the crypto crash – Digital Trends

3 Principles for a Better Life – Mark Manson

The 27 Best Decluttering Tips of All Time – Apartment Therapy

Dual hose is the way to go when it comes to a portable AC unit. Single hose units create a negative air pressure in the room, meaning air will forcefully get pulled in from other hot areas. This one is a very efficient unit – Amazon

11 Common Survival Mistakes That Can Get You Killed – Outdoor Life

Why cryptocurrencies have gone from the next hot thing to a full-on meltdown – NPR

Shower Beers are the best – sometimes it’s for pre-gaming, sometimes is for post-outdoor physical activity shower, sometimes it’s before a date, sometimes it’s for post work relaxing, and sometimes it’s just nice to drink a beer in hot water – Amazon

A small monkey in a bulletproof vest was found dead after a bloody cartel shootout in Mexico – Insider

The Best Way to Fry an Egg – The Kitchn

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