35 Jokes And Painful Truths About The Dreaded Friendzone


  1. I’d always understood the friend zone to be not the rejection of romantic feelings so much as the tolerating the guy hanging around hoping to change the girls mind (as in the movies), while she knows damned well it won’t happen, but enjoys the adoration. Yes some folks use it to describe the initial rejection but that’s not really it, that’s just rejection not a zone.

  2. Wow, talk about oblivious. When men say a girl “friendzoned” them, they don’t — usually — mean that he said “hi” and she inexplicably failed to rip off her clothes on the spot and offer him sex. What guys mean by this is that the girl takes advantage of him — lets him buy her dinner and help her move and do all sorts of favors for her — the sort of things he would gladly do for a girlfriend, but she never gives him any sort of love and romance in return. No, you’re not obligated to give a man sex because he was nice to you. But it’s rude to lead someone on, to accept favors from him and lead him to believe that if he plays his cards right you might become his girlfriend, when in reality you’re just using him. Yes, it’s rude when a man treats a woman like a sex object. And it’s rude when a woman treats a man like a vending machine.

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