35 People That Really Did The Math

“Oxfam international said that… I don’t know the exact figures but simple logic dictates that it certainly can easily be true. Think about it, most people in the world are poor, which means they have little to no net worth.

If Bezos has a net worth of 200 billion and each of these 4 billion people have 50 dollars in net worth, then you’re already there. 50 dollars in net worth is not an outrageous number given that many Americans have negative net worth and little to no savings to speak of.

I don’t know how much the top 8 are worth, but let’s say it’s 1 trillion. That means that the 4 billion are worth 250 dollars. Yeah that’s plausible.

By the way even if you make 100,000 a year in the US you can have a net worth of 0 or negative net worth depending on what your savings/investments and liabilities are, which is often the case.”

“According to the source it says it would take $20B to eliminate homelessness

The most expensive US aircraft carrier is $12.8B. So it’s about 7.2B short. However, this is only the cost to build it, and excluded operational costs.”

“A micro SD card has a volume of 165 mm3. I estimate that box to be 8’x3’x20′.. This comes out to around 82 million SD cards, assuming a 100% packing efficiency. At 1TB per card that would come out to 82 Exobytes. .

It’s hard to find a reliable estimate of the total data on the internet, but this website says 44 zettabytes, which means our box contains about 0.2% of the internet. Storing the whole internet on 1TB SD cards would take around 7300 m3, equivalent to a cube about 20m per side or 3 Olympic swimming pools”

“The video I just saw showed that they spent about 5 minutes naming the victims of 9/11, of which there were 2997 victims. Johns Hopkins has the USA at 463,437. All you need to do is set up a ratio.

5 minutes / 2997 deaths = x minutes / 463437 deaths

463437 * 5 / 2997 = x

x = 773.1681681681681681681681681681…

Which works out to 12 hours 53 minutes 10.09 seconds”

“Lead can also be created directly in supernova explosions. It doesn’t have to originate from nuclear decay.”

“The only error here is the rounding in 4 weeks per month. There’s actually around 365.24 / 12 / 7 =~ 4.348 weeks in a month.

So you’d make $5,000 * 4.348 = $21,740 per month and $21,740 * 12 = $260,880 per year.

That means it’d take you $1,000,000,000 / $260,880 =~ 3,833 years to get to a billion dollars.

Yeah, it’s a bit off from what they got but it illustrates the point just as well.

All the other maths is correct.”

“For anyone wanting context, Stakhanov was a common caricature for a while in soviet culture (based on a real person), about people who go way above and beyond in their job. Like a chuck norris, but for manual labor.

It started out serious (the real person apparently hauled 100 tons of coal in 6 hours), and he was promoted as a person to be emulated. But the tales got more and more outlandish as time went on, as people got disillusioned with the whole idea”

“Jeff Bezos net worth: $181,200,000,000

Baltimore average net worth: $555,423

Baltimore median net worth: $255,000

Baltimore population: 593,490

Total net worth (without Bezos): $329,637,996,270

Total net worth (with Bezos): $510,837,996,270

Average net worth, with Jeff Bezos: $860,735.

(I assume the median would remain at $255,000)”

“If You Blended All 7.88 Billion People On Earth Into A Fine Goo (Density Of A Human = 985 Kg/M3, Average Human Body Mass = 62 Kg), You Would End Up With A Sphere Of Human Goo Just Under 1 Km Wide. I Made A Visualization Of How That Would Look Like In The Middle Of Central Park In NYC”

“For what it’s worth, I live in the pacific northwest – timber country – and the price of wood has gone up over 100%. Elsewhere I know it’s more. I have been harvesting fallen trees in the woods for projects lately. The complication with this question is that the prices have inflated different amounts in different places . So this could be correct where the photo was taken.”

“First source I found shows FY2020 military budget is $714B, so cutting 25% would be $178.5B. I think that’s a conservative number, considering that they may have gone over budget and it’ll likely increase going forward.

A very simple look at wealth tax would be looking at total net worth of millionaires or billionaires in the US. Not able to find a distinct number for millionaires, but I see that the 660 billionaires in the US have a total wealth of $4.1T. 1% of that is $41B.”

“As you can see in the picture it’s a very thin wall, looks to be 1 brick thick. A straight wall only has support on one axis and would need to be at least a few bricks thick to stay standing. The curved wall allows more support in multiple axis allowing the use of less bricks.”

“The conversion formulas are:

SPL = 20 * log10( p / p_0 )

p = p_0 * 10 ^ ( SPL / 20 )

With p_0 = 2e-5 Pa and 194 dB you get 100 kPa or 1 atm. After that point a sound isn’t really a sound but more of a shock wave, and it’s not clear how meaningful dB measurements are.

At 1100 dB you get a pressure of 2e50 Pa. Pressure isn’t really the right way to measure a black hole because size is also very important. But for reference, a Neutron Star, where atomic structure has collapsed, can have a pressure on the order of 1034 Pa. So 1050 Pa sounds like enough to me.”

“That just looks like a 3% tax. If that’s what you’re talking about, then it’s accurate.

To do the math, take the “leave them with” amount, add back in the “would owe” amount, and you have the amount they’re starting with. Multiply that by .03 and you get the “would owe” amount again.”

“Golf courses are between 5000-7000+m long on average on the card plus extra walking and the fact that unless you are pro you arent going in a straight line the whole time you can do nearly the same again.

Assuming 6 mile (9.6km) walked per round, 1 round per week minus 2 for holidays that would give 50*6 or 300 miles.

Assuming one has a pint at the end of each round, that would give 50 pints or 6.25 gallons

My math says that that equals 48mpg

So the numbers look like they are assuming 3 rounds a week but the ratio is there or there abouts”

“The average person farts between 5-15 times a day, using the median (10) it would take 50000 days to fart 500k times. This is 136.9863 years.”

“Let’s assume that this is part time worker. We can’t say for certain how many hours they would get in a given week, so we will assume that they work 20 hours per week.

It was stated that they worked at McDonald’s for 2.5 years. With 52 weeks per year, this would give us a total of 130 weeks (52 x 2.5 = 130).

At 20 hours per week, for 130 weeks, we have a total of 2,600 hours worked (20 x 130 = 2,600).

 The remaining variable is how many orders of 10 piece nuggets occur each hour. Each order represents 1 free nugget. There are many factors which determine how many orders there are per hour:

-The number of 10 piece nuggets ordered would be higher during peak dining hours, and lower during off peak hours.

-Nuggets aren’t served during breakfast hours.

-Location would have a major impact on this number. We would expect a location in a densely populated area to have lots of customers (and therefore more orders of 10 pice nuggets each hour). We could assume that a store in a more remote location would experience a smaller number of customers.

For simplicity, let’s assume that there are 10 orders of 10 piece nuggets per hour.

With the assumptions above, we have the employee working for 2,600 hours, giving away 10 free nuggets in each of those hours.

2,600 hours x 10 free nuggets per hour = 26,000 free nuggets”

“The average car is a Toyota Corolla which has a gas tank big enough to hold 13.2 gallons of gas. An average car uses about 1/5 of a gallon of gas an hour if you let it idle. 13.2÷.2 is 66. So about 66 hours in a full tank. I did a whole 5 minutes of research on this and I don’t know if I used the right equation so I may be wrong”

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