40 Things You Can Only See In Europe

“This Is Jean-Baptiste Kempf, The Creator Of The Vlc Media Player, He Refused Tens Of Millions Of Euros In Order To Keep Vlc Ads-Free. Merci, Jean!”

“A Bridge For Wildlife To Cross The Road In Veluwe, The Netherlands”

“In Poland, We Are Slowly Getting Rid Of Advertisements And Billboards Madness”

“Medieval House Built In 1509 In Argentan, Orne, France”

“Today 20 Years Ago At The Strike Of Midnight, The Mayor Of Amsterdam Married 4 Gay Couples As The Netherlands Became The First Country In The World To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage”

“She (Sanna Marin) Is The New 34 Years Old Prime Minister Of Finland”

“The Sentiment In Scotland Is One I Fully Agree With”

“In Wroclaw, Poland Each Cathedral And Even The Rivers Have A Tactile Model Nearby For Blind People To See Them Too”

“Tesco In Slovakia Opened With Empty Shelves. They Wanted To Show Their Customers How It Would Look Like If All Bees And Butterflies Would Become Extinct”

“The True Heroes Of Greece At This Moment. Firefighters Sleep Exhausted After An Intense Night Fighting The Biggest Wildfire Of Attica In Decades”

“Utrecht, The Netherlands”

“The Netherlands Looks Like An Old Master’s Painting This Weekend”

“Vilnius Has Put Up A Statue That Offers A “Portal” To The Polish City Of Lublin, Allowing People To See Each Other In Real Time”

“The Statue Of Jakub Wejher, The Founder Of A Polish Town Wejherowo, Looks Like Darth Vader When It’s Snowing”

“Blood Moon In This Morning. Finland”

“Traditional Gowns And Braids Of The Pomak Village Of Startsevo, Bulgaria”

“Us Embassy In Berlin Today”

“‘Bear And Raven’ Is The Finnish Nature Picture Of The Year”

“In 2018, Annamaria Horvathova, A Roma Girl From Slovakia Won A Running Race Wearing Just Ballerinas On Her Feet. Last Week, She Became A 1500m Champion Of Slovakia In Her Age Group”

“Newly Discovered Just Outside Of Verona, What Could Be This Year’s Biggest Discovery – An Almost Entirely Intact Roman Mosaic Villa Floor!”

“Christmas Market 2019, Dresden, Germany”

“Neo-Gothic Apartment House In Budapest, Hungary. Built Around 1894”

“Oldest Door Still In Use In Rome, At The Pantheon. Cast In Bronze For Emperor Hadrian’s Rebuilding, It Dates From About 115 Ad. Each Door Is Solid Bronze 2.3 M Wide & 7.5 M High, Yet So Well Balanced They Can Be Pushed Or Pulled Open Easily By One Person”

“European Parliament Has Voted In Favour Of A Universal Charger For Mobile Devices. 582 – 40”

“Experiment In Estonia: Instead Of Getting A Speeding Ticket, Drivers Who Exceed The Limit Have To Stop And Wait For A ‘Time Out’ To Pass Before They Can Continue Their Journey”

“In Germany You Can Play Pong With The Person On The Other Side Of Traffic Lights”

“An Old Albanian Lady Dining With Her Dead Husband & Children Who Were Killed In 1999 During The War”

“The Netherlands – 1966”

“A French Woman With Her Baguette And Six Bottles Of Wine, Paris, France, 1945”

“Sailors Saluting A War Veteran, Leningrad 1989”

“Miniature Traffic Playground In Copenhagen Where Kids Learn To Bike In Traffic”

“A Banner At The Pro-Eu March In London Where One Million People Have Turned Out To Protest”

“Here In Italy Bars Are Starting To Use Pasta As Straws To Reduce Plastic Use. Our Technology Amazes The World Another Time”

“Climate Protest In Cologne. They’re Standing On Ice Blocks”

“Moloch Of War (1966). Photo Of A Soviet War Veteran Near The Eternal Flame On The Anniversary Of Victory Day”

“Eating A Haring In The Hague, Netherlands”

“Swiss Fans Threw Shaqiri A Wheel Of Cheese After His Winning Goal”

“These Two UK Phone Booths Have Been Repurposed”

“This Is Not The Queue For The Dover Ferry. This Is The Queue For The Queue For The Dover Ferry”

“Polish Mp Joanna Lichocka Showing A Middle Finger To Opposition”

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