35+ People Who Had One Single Job

“Dude Sneaks Scissors On To Plane But Gets Water Bottle Confiscated By TSA”

“The Last Batch Of Spanish Passports Have “PAO” Written As “PA0″ And People Cannot Get On Planes Because Of It”

“I’m Not Sure How To Get Passed The 1st Page Of This Survey”

“An Apartment Installed New Siding And Choked Their AC Unit By Enclosing It”

“Looks Like Tacobell Couldn’t Find The Inside Of A Taco”

“Took Me A While To Figure This Out. It’s An Upside Down Ear”

“Kit Kat Without The Wafer”

“Ordered A Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Without Tomato. Got Only Tomato”

“A Solar-Powered Parking Meter… Under A Tree”

“Somebody Forgot To Add The Chips Before Baking”

“Bought A Melon, Received A Lemon”

Source: www.reddit.com

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