40+ Stupid And Pretentious Dishes

“Asked My Sister To Boil Chicken And This Is What I Came Home To”

“Bloody Hell What In God‘S Name Is This Abomination”

“Ordered Chinese Last Night, Went For A New Dish: “Smoky Sweet Chicken Fries””

“April Fools Joke From A Local Chocolate Shop But Just As Vile, A Chocolate Coated Hard Boiled Egg”

“Chicken And Waffles… Pizza”

“A Bar In Ohio Serves Giant Bowls Of Cereal That Are Impossible To Finish”

“We Ran Out Of Regular Bowls And Plates, And This Was The Only Way To Set Up The Grilled Cheese. He Reminded Me Of A Hot Tub So I Added Arms”

“I Waited A Total 1,5 Hours At A Pretentious Ski-Lounge And Paid €8,90 For This”

“Deconstructed Spaghetti Bolognese”

“I’m Also Turning Myself In. Totino’s Birthday Pizza Cake (8 Layers)”

“Deep-Fried Watermelon”

“Edible Rocks Served On A Bed Of… Real Rocks”

“Stupid Hamburger Serving At A Supposed Sophisticated Restaurant”

“Friend Made A Vegan Cake For Vegan Friend’s Birthday. Both The Hot Dogs And Jelly Are Fully Plant Based Substitutes”

“A Cobb Salad, Apparently. We Asked Why It Looked Like This And The Server Looked At Us Like We Had 2 Heads Before Saying, “What, Have You Never Eaten Here Before?””

“$10 Nachos At A Local Mexican Restaurant. Yes, Those Are American Cheese Slices”

“A Chicken Sandwich I Ordered That Was Impossible To Eat Normally. Didn’t Expect The Size. (Had More Chips On The Side)”

“A ‘Friend’ Of Mine Cooked Like This”

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