35 Photos Prove That UPS Drivers Love Dogs

“You mean to tell me I get THREE biscuits on Thursdays?!?”

“My husband with our 6 pups! He had our route and the pups were so excited to see him”

“This old guy comes to work every day with his owner and has a bed in the tasting room of the winery. He is a happy and well cared for dog.

But when he hears my truck he runs to the door to be let out and then he runs up to my truck and starts shivering and whining and giving me the sad eyes like a Humane Society commercial on TV. All that is missing is Sarah McLachlan singing in the background. Such a phony!”

“Mandy barks like crazy when Carlos drives into the yard, she waits expectantly for him to step out of the truck!!

She offers her paw to shake and then she gets her treat!!”

“My reputation for generous treat giving may have gotten out of hand. They are now bringing their friends with them.”

“Introducing “Kitty.” Kitty is a rescue from an abuse/neglect situation who is now living her best life in a loving home on a farm. A month ago she was terrified of me and could not be coaxed near the truck, even on a leash. Now look at the fearless and happy moocher she has become!”

“Husband Brock is a UPS driver, holding our 3 month old”

“Our regular UPS driver is leaving …..

Sully wanted a picture with him…..

He was HAPPY with his treat though….and to get out of the truck! “

“Charlie gives Eric big snobbery Saint Bernard kisses..”

“Lily loves Chris – and his beard!”

“Vision loves UPS and especially Darla! He even has his own uniform!”

“Lloyd has been our ups person on the Northside of Richmond Va, in excess of a decade… Storm finally got a chance to meet him!”

“My dog use to bark at him but one day we just let her check out the truck. I love how he was so happy to finally make a new doggie friend we would love for her to be on ups dogs !!”

“This little black puffball is so amazed at the sight of my truck that he hasn’t even noticed the biscuit that I tossed to him…”

“This is our dog Bear. He’s 13 years old. We got him 11 years ago as a rescue. He was living with a homeless man in Chicago, Illinois who had to surrender Bear to allow the owner to go to a men’s shelter. He wanted him to go to a family with young kids. Bear was so used to eating fish out of the lake, it took us 6 months to get him used to eating dog food.”

“My husband Kyle with one of his dogs on his route in Shaftsbury, Vermont. He loves this part of his day”

“Lily, American Molossus. Crestwood KY with her UPS driver Chris.”

“She loves taking pictures with me!”

“Maggie loves Mark and barks and barks until he stops at our house with her treats!”

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