35 Times When ID Photography Went Wrong

“So Costco apparently doesn’t re-take membership card photos if you sneeze”

“My grandpa went to get his passport photos done but pressed the wrong button.”

“The school id camera had built in face cropping. Apparently it’s still working on detecting faces on t-shirts.”

“The State Department Nailed My Girlfriend’s Passport”

“Me looking like 4 different people on 4 valid ID cards of mine”

“Man from New Zealand allowed to wear pasta strainer on head for driver licence photo, stated it was for religious purposes.”

“Apparently, Wells Fargo doesn’t bother to check the ID photos you send them.”

“On the topic of ridiculous id photos, my brother likes to make a sport out of it as well”

“My photo in my college card”

“I have a long-standing battle with my buddy for the most ridiculous photo id. My wife suggested I wear my mother’s hot pink bathrobe and “Gary Busey” my hair for my new driver’s license photo, so I did.”

“One of the best fake ids I’ve ever seen”

“Guy provided 2 forms of ID at my work. I guess this is the difference between having your photo taken on a friday and on a monday.”

“So I had my student id taken this morning and this how it turned out.”

“Attempted to take baby passport photos…”

“My nephew got his passport photo taken”

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