36 People That Cheated The System By Acting Like They Belong

“Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Soccer Matches In Iran. 5 Girls Sneak In Azadi Stadium In Disguise To Celebrate Persepolis Championship In Iran’s Persian Gulf Pro League”

“Daron Malakian (Guitarist Of System Of A Down) Pretending To Be A Random Fan And Telling A Magazine How Great The Band Is (1999)”

“I put a plastic cover over the ground, installed a ladder and put on painting overalls. The mural is on a trail connecting two neighbourhoods so there were frequent passerby, people walking dogs, etc.. I basically ignored them and kept working calmly. Only one dude tried to call my bluff. He shouted something like ‘hey stop, what are you doing?’, but i didn’t look up and only turned around a few seconds later to pick up a different color, so he assumed i was legit.”

“The Day I Pretended To Be Tmz To Get This Photo Of Tom Hiddleston.”

“My Dad Disguising Himself To Get In The Yearbook Twice (1980s)”

“Snuck Into A Festival Using Bottles Of Water And A Hi Vis Vest”

“Dad Couldn’t Get A Reservation At A Restaurant, Calls Back Pretending To Be Prime Minister Of Morocco. Gets Best Seat In The House And Signs A Plate For The Chef”

“A Powerful Weapon In Your Arsenal”

“Comedian Gallagher Saw Me Signing To My Deaf Son In Front Of The Stage At His Show In Alaska And Assumed I Was An Interpreter For Him. I Signed The Whole Show On Stage (Me Far Left)”

“I Was Cleaning The Basement And Found This. My Daughter And Her Boyfriend Made These And Walked Right Into A Concert. No Questions Asked.”

“Nothing To See Here Just A Very Realistic Mannequin”

“Man Stole $122m From Facebook And Google By Sending Them Random Bills, Which The Companies Dutifully Paid”

“Snuck Into Vip Section Of A Concert. We Noticed The Special Wristbands Looked Awfully Simaler To Our Water Bottle Wrappers”

“It’s Cold Outside And I Was Tired Of Standing. Found A Pen And Paper And Now I’m With Stats And Press”

“A Few Years Ago I Impersonated A Journalist To Get Into Bernie Sanders’ Press Conference For The Release Of His Book, Got On TV, And Then Told Him Afterwards What I Did”

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