36 Photos Prove That Creativity Is Too Powerful

“Man-made birds’ nests”

“In London, creating a drawing typed on my ’70s typewriter.”

“A guy made this T-Rex entirely from snow in Minnesota.”

“Creative biologist: black and brown are yeast, and cream and red are bacteria.”

“Rained just right.”

“First Halloween using my walker for my chronic pain, so I had to think a bit outside the box.”

“When a security frog is watching your every move:”

“In Groningen, earthquakes happen regularly. This house found a very creative way of dealing with the damages.”

“The nurse I work with asks kids what their favorite thing/character is and then makes custom bandages for their procedure.”

“My glasses broke and I couldn’t find a screw or get to a repair place. Safety pin worked perfectly!”

“This blind date for books”

“The wife and I combined brains and slime to create these gnarly shelves.”

“This Disney janitor swept leaves into a Mickey shape.”

“My significant other likes to freeze her beans in an ice cube tray.”

“My kids keep switching Lego heads and now I think Scrooge McDuck looks like Disney Slash.”

“This crack sealer on the road looks like a flower.”

“My girlfriend made a jerry-rigged basket to hold her devices in while they charge.”

“No cufflinks? Use a screw and nut.”

“My mother’s new socks”

“A cheap way to prevent the bathroom vent from unraveling toilet paper.”

“Saw someone post what they do for laptop cooling. Here’s mine — a cheap, plastic box.”

“Truss a raft like a roast and hang it in your garage to prevent door dings.”

“Whenever you wash your snapbacks, dry them with a balloon inside so it keeps its shape.”

“Across from the toilet at my kids’ gymnastics gym”

“This ceiling fan at my grandma’s cousin’s house”

“I think someone at ADOT is trying to flirt with me.”

Source: brightside.me

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