45 Photos Show That Life Is Beautiful

’’My brother is the first to graduate in my family. Dad can’t stop crying.’’

’’My sweet 91-year-old grandma makes these hats and slippers by hand and donates them to her local hospital.’’

’’I donated a table I made to a small restaurant hoping to keep them in business.’’

“My son loves looking at the moon every night. So I made him a 3-meter-high rocket cake stand for his second birthday.”

’’My grandpa unexpectedly passed away and I made this charcoal portrait drawing for my grandma.’’

’’I haven’t been to the barber in years. Today, I donated 19 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids.’’

’’My husband and I built a fort in my son’s room as a surprise for NYE. We’ll watch movies together to ring in the new year.’’

’’I got adopted at 22. My new mom, sister, and I got matching tattoos today.’’

“After 9 years, I’ve decided to finally cut my hair and donate 16 inches of it.”

“Every Christmas, I make designer gingerbread cookies for my niece and nephew.”

“The kitten I rescued really loved cuddling with me.”

“My daughter grew her own sunflower and is very proud, just like I am of her.”

“I can’t help but feel like it’s thinking, ’You know I never asked to be rescued!’”

“My daughter meeting her 91-year-old great grandmother — it’s the first time we’ve seen her cry.”

“My girlfriend and I have been going to the same aquarium for the last 4 years.”

“This is Nick. He saved my little girl’s life last week. She nearly drowned and he gave her CPR. She says he’s a superhero. He is!”

“My mom played both parental roles for many years. Here we are on Father’s Day, 32 years later.”

“My daughter is really shy around people, but on her granddad’s last day she held his hand for the first time.”

“I was a teen mom. This is my baby last weekend. Not all teen parents are doomed to fail. ”

“Today she got to meet her bigger half-sister. Her first sentence to her was: ’Hey, wake up.’”

“This is me the day my mom’s boyfriend became my dad. Just because he wasn’t blood doesn’t mean he wasn’t the best father.”

“This was the first time I held my niece, I had no idea at the time I would later adopt her.”

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