36 Photos That Are Hard To Understand

“Strange liquids on my roof”

“Sometimes my cat turns into one giant ball of fur. Good luck seeing what’s what here.”

“Eyes on the road!”

“This building near me”

“Accidental forced perspective makes me look like a giant.”

“The reflection makes the dog wear shoes.”

“My wife took this by a river and it totally looked like 4 different pictures.”

“One of the chair’s legs blends in with the carpet.”

“My photo of this building and clouds looks like it was taken from a low Earth orbit.”

“This cat’s color pattern makes it look like it’s meowing.”

“Almost hurt my wife’s leg when going to sit next to her this morning.”

“My daughter made a drawing of me and flipped it upside down.”

“My friend took this picture of a frozen water bottle on top of his car but it seems giant.”

“My friend took this pic at a drawbridge.”

“My wife took a photo at the beach and it seems it was taken from a plane.”

“The walls in this room aren’t actually straight.”

“I found this picture of my family and me when we were kids. It looks like my cousin’s head is missing.”

“No, he hasn’t learned to balance a soccer ball on his head.”

“It’s not a piece of wood, it’s a notepad.”

“My one dog looks like my other dog’s shadow.”

“This picture of my dog that makes it look like he has no body.”

“I had a hard time figuring out what this thing is.”

“Dog or mermaid?”

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