37 Photos Show That Creativity Has No Limits

“My cousin uses peanut butter to keep the dog still during a bath.”

“My dad’s ’homemade iPad holder’ for after his eye surgery.”

“Went to sneak some cupcakes after my wife went to bed and found them like this.”

“My father-in-law just sent us a pic of what he wore to the grocery store so no one would get close to him.”

“My roommate got his smartphone stand today.”

“I went to a pizzeria today, and the chef got a bit creative with my calzone.”

“My local grocery store got creative with their soda can box display this holiday.”

“My sister asked a boy, who loves pizza, to a dance in a creative way.”

“I got creative and used eggs instead of english muffins in my breakfast sandwich maker.”

“My hotel shower has a hole in the glass door where you can reach in and turn on the shower without having cold water splash on you.”

“I told my son get in the bath and no iPad as it’ll get wet.”

“My genius kid.”

“Here’s a new use for Lego.”

“Now these three are made for each other!”

“The end justifies the means.”

“My sister doesn’t like having to shut her light off before climbing in bed so she invented this contraption.”

“I’m staying in Japan, this is a toilet in my room.”

“My co-worker’s genius idea to prevent others from using his milk.”

“To prevent hair from clogging my sink, this is how I’m trimming my beard right now.”

“A genius way to avoid dropping coins.”

“Gave myself a ticket, so that they don’t.”

“I duct-taped two rugs together because I don’t have $500 for a custom pink cow rug.”

“When eating a range of delicious curries or saucy foods, use your rice to divide your plate into sections to avoid mixing the sauces.”

“Work smarter, not harder. My co-worker always thinks of the comfiest way to install under cabinet lights.”

“My girlfriend’s brother couldn’t see the TV but didn’t want to get up to get his glasses, so this was his solution.”

“My sister’s solution to cutting onions.”

“I still stub my toe but wrapping the bed frame wheel with a towel to use as a cushion helps alleviate some of the pain.”

“I used to do the fork thing but using chopsticks is so much better. ”

“My friend solved his falling toilet lid problem with a nail clipper.”

“This tree repaired with stone.”

“This is very old-school tree care practice. We don’t do it anymore but the idea was that filling the cavity returns the ‘strength’ to the tree. It’s not entirely wrong, but it does stop the tree putting on reactionary growth to the loss of structural stability weakening it in the long term.”

“Local auto repair shop uses rims as door handles for their sliding door.”

“Very specific meal tip for mussel/tapas eaters. Use empty mussel shells as convenient mini-tongs.”

“This pub had a creative way to ’fix’ the bathroom door.”

“That’s brilliant — I am stealing that idea — my wife found a hole in a closet wall some contractors made while doing some work. This is definitely how I’m going to repair it.”

“My daughter made cookies and burned some of them. She said she fixed the burned ones.”

“The gas cap stopped working, so I fixed it.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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