38 Hilarious Christmas Fails

“There Was An Attempt To Wrap A Gift For Christmas”

“My 81-Year-Old Grandma Didn’t Look Close Enough At The Jumper She Bought For Xmas This Year”

“My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View”

“Watched My Friends Dogs Today While They Were Gone, Tried To Get A Cute Picture For Them And Ended Up With Accidental Gem/Nightmare. Merry Christmas!”

“Most Of My Gifts Are Stuck In A Distribution Center, And Have Been For Over 2 Weeks. Guess My Brother In Law Gets This”

“My 6-Year-Old Got Tattoo Markers For Christmas And Disappeared For Half An Hour. Bonus: We Can’t Get It To Come Off”

“That Is How You Know Your Mom Listens To Everything You Say”

“For Christmas, My Dad Received The Exact Outfit That He Was Wearing”

“Cat Ruins Christmas Photo”

“Sister-In-Law Orders A Japanese Whiskey For Me Every Christmas. I Don’t Think She Read The Description This Time When She Shipped Me A $50 Bottle Of Soy Sauce”

“My Girlfriend And I Bought Each Other The Exact Same Present. I’ve Never Laughed So Hard In My Life”

“Well, Back To Video Games And Beer”

“I Ordered A 6ft Tall Rainbow Tree From A Facebook Ad And This Is What Showed Up. I’m Crying From Laughing So Hard, I’ve Never Had This Happen In Real Life”

“I Got My 80 Yr Old Father This As A Gag Gift. When He Opened It, He Got All Embarrassed And Immediately Tucked It Away. Later, I Privately Asked Him Why He Got All Weird About It, And I Found Out That He Was Under The Impression That It Was A Sex Toy”

“My Parents (Late 70s) Got Me A PS5 Controller For Christmas. I Do Not Own A Playstation 5”

“12-Year-Old Set His Lawn On Fire After Getting Magnifying Glass For Christmas”

“The Letters On My Holiday Bathroom Towel Wore Off”

“Every Year My In-Laws Have A Gingerbread House Competition And Every Year I’m Still A Disappointment”

“What I Ordered vs. What I Got”

“Wasn’t On, Nobody Standing Near It, And My Oven Just Shattered. Just In Time For The Holidays”


“I’m A 23-Year-Old Man That Can Rebuild An Engine, Fabricate My Own Parts, And Drive Anything With A Steering Wheel. But For The Life Of Me Cannot Wrap An X-Mas Gift”

“My Wife Started Painting Ornaments For Christmas, And Only Realized After She Finished This Bird That She Did It Upside Down”

“My Brother Got A Shirt For Christmas”

“Nailed It.”

“Walked Outside To Leave For Work Today, And Some Kind Individual Stole All My Wheels. Happy Holidays”

“Got This For Christmas Because I Always Lose My Keys, But Now I Can’t Find My Keys To Put It On The Keychain”

“Bought My Wife’s Christmas Gift On 12/10 And Was So Proud Of Myself When I Paid Extra For Two-Day FedEx Shipping”

“After Buying Christmas Decorations For My House, I Was Biking Home And Was Hit By A Car (Hit And Run) Causing Me To Black Out From Massive Head Trauma. This Is How Much I Owe For My Ambulance Bill”

“When The Perfume You Bought Your Wife For Christmas Ends Up In The Toilet As ‘Air Freshener'”

“This ‘Bottle Of Scotch’ At My Office’s White Elephant Gift Exchange Was Stolen Twice Before Anyone Opened It”

“Apparently One Of Our Present From Family Was A Box Of Fudge. Dogs Figured It Out And Now There Is Puke All Over My House”

“Dad’s Christmas Hasn’t Been Very Merry”

“Ordered An Ortament That Was Described As Ceramic In The Description (Top Pic), What I Got Was The Other 2 Pics”

“When Your Puppy Chews Your Son’s Big Gift On Christmas Eve”

“Happy Christmas”

“Sibling Gift Exchange”

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