A Little Wholesomeness This Holiday Season

“Last Year, I Spent Christmas With A Gun In My Mouth. This Year, We Grilled Steaks And Played Catch. She Has Given Me My Life Back”

“This is my service dog, Emma, on the night I met her (about a month ago). I am a veteran and she helps me with my PTSD to keep me grounded.”

“A UPS Driver Delivered Nearly 200 Packages A Day Through Lockdowns And The Holiday Season. This Week, Hundreds Of Neighbors Came Out To Give Him A Hero’s Salute”

“I’m Really Crying Right Now. I Thought I Was Calling My Mom. But I Had The Wrong Number And”

“My Father Has Alzheimer’s. I Brought My New Dog Home For Christmas, And He Said, “I Know I’m Going To Forget A Lot, But I’m Going To Remember This Dog For A Long Time””

“This Is What I Woke Up To On Christmas After I Broke Down & Told My Brother That I Couldn’t Afford To Buy Big Presents This Year Since I Could Barely Feed Myself”

“From A 7-11 In Allen, TX”

“The Story Of How A Mysterious “Prowler” Saved His Family’s Christmas Nearly 40 Years Ago”

“My Abusive Ex Hated Anything Festive. I Left Him This Year With Our Son. The Pandemic, On Top Of Starting A Whole New Life, Has Been Wild But I Was Determined To Make Christmas Special”

“I’m sitting here admiring our tree this morning. This first tree I’ve had in 9 years.”

“We Spent All Our Christmas Tree Money On Adopting This Guy Instead”


“We Didn’t Know If My Dad Would Make It Home From The Hospital For Christmas Or At All. This Is My Parents Slow Dancing To “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” On Christmas Day”

“Last Dose Of Chemo Done Just In Time For Christmas! It’s Been A Looong Six Months”

“Didn’t Get Any Gifts For Christmas Except From My Landlord. Has No Idea I’ve Been Struggling Lately”

“In 2017 We Escaped My Ex Husband After 8 Years Of Abuse. Charlie Has Been By My Side As I Have Fought Through Difficulties And Illnesses”

“I have fought through C-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression And The Year, Working As An ICU Nurse During This Pandemic.
This year we got pics for our 1st Christmas card. It may not seem like much, but I’m so excited!”

“If My ICU Patients Forget For Just A Few Minutes That They’re Stuck In ICU Over Christmas, Then It Was All Worth It”

“My Niece Loves Santa Claus. My Dad Loves My Niece. Dad’s Been Growing That Beard Since May”

“For Christmas This Year I Made 25 Homeless Backpack Care Kits”

“Our School Lunch Lady Made This Christmas Display By Hand”

“Delivery Driver Got My Son His Own UPS Truck For Christmas. My Kiddo Has Autism And Is Obsessed With Them So This Small Act Meant So Much To Him”

Back story. My son is in Washington visiting his mothers side and the UPS man had to deliver some packages a couple Fay’s before Christmas. Well my son seeing a UPS truck outside the house wanted to go look at it. The driver actually took the time to talk to him and ask him his name and show him around and asked my sons mom about autism. They talked for a bit and he left. My son super happy because he got to see one up close for a longer period of time. The day before Christmas the UPS man came again but delivery a present with just my sons name on it and not his own and left. He opened it Christmas and found that inside. I don’t have the drivers name but would love to find out. Seriously it made my sons Christmas.”

“I Planned A Christmas Surprise For My Parents, It Went Better Than I Could Have Hoped”

“First Christmas As A Single Dad. I Did My Best And She Enjoyed Herself, I Think”

“My Daughter Beat Cancer Today. Best Xmas Gift Ever”

“After Being Married For 6 Years And Being Dirt Poor For 5 Of Them, My Wife And I Bought Our First Christmas Tree”

“It’s a small accomplishment, but a welcome one.”

“A Homeless Woman Caught Someone Stealing My Bike So I Had Her And Her Son Over For Christmas”

“My Little One Having A Nice Breakfast With Her Dad Who’s Finally Home From The Hospital After A Week. Just In Time For Christmas”

“I’m A Beekeeper, And This Is Our Christmas Card This Year”

“A Highlight Of My Christmas – 5 Generation Photo – Ages 93, 72, 50, 28, 0.5”

“My Dog Likes To Watch Me Zoom Visit With Kids All Over The World”

“My Daughter Was Hospitalized Over Christmas Three Years Ago. Since Then, Every Year She Collects Toy Donations For Kids Who Won’t Be Home For Christmas”

“13 Years Ago Today We Found Her Hiding Under A Christmas Tree At Lowe’s. We Decided To Take Her Home “Just For The Night” To Feed And Warm Her”

“She’s been lying about not being fed ever since.”

“This Is Cyrus, My Girlfriend And I Adopted Her Today. She Was Surrendered The Day After Christmas For Being “Too Much Dog””

“We took our new pup to a park for 30 minutes and played some tug-of-war, and she’s been like this for over an hour. Guess she’s the right amount of dog for us.”

“I Made This Charcoal Portrait Drawing For My Grandma. My Grandpa Unexpectedly Passed Away In November So I Wanted To Surprise Her For Christmas”

“After Two Years Of Depression, I Got My First Tree As A Single Person. Merry Christmas To All”

“The True Spirit Of Christmas”

“I Don’t Have Room In My Place For A Christmas Tree, So My Mom Made Me This Wreath With Built-In Lights And All The Ornaments From When I Was A Kid”

“Every Christmas, I Have To Buy The Exact Same Toy Truck For My Brother”

“My brother, Max, is 25 years old and mentally about a 5 year old. He’s mentally and physically disabled and the only thing he wants for Christmas is a Blue Police Hummer truck, made in 2000.
Part of his Hummer convoy, decorated for their own Thanksgiving parade. All my brother is asking for Christmas is a blue Tonka Hummer truck. Which would be a lot easier if they weren’t produced in 2000. And if we hadn’t bought every other one on eBay for the last 17 years. He plays with them for hours daily, so a lot of them have broken down and been used for parts over the years.
This specific model has levers on the back to adjust the winch and to move it forwards and backwards. It’s also slow enough for him to keep up with.
He hates the rubber tires, so they come off immediately. It needs to have a metal hook. I’ve tried making him resin cast copies over the years, but he only likes the metal ones. I’ve tried painting the orange or red ones blue, but he can tell the difference.
It is mission impossible to find one of these trucks, but thanks to the internet Max got his new truck for Christmas!”

“My Dad Was A Police Officer Who Worked And Spent The Day At Major Crash Where 2 Children Had Died. I Was 3-Years-Old On Christmas Day”

“I only found this out today.”

“Bought My Dad A LEGO Porsche This Christmas, He’s Been Busy Building Ever Since”

“I Live In The Hood. Got A Text From The Elderly Lady Downstairs Asking If She Could Decorate My Door For Christmas. Came Home To This. Not Even Mad”

“Neighborhood Kids Were Using This Lady’s Yard For Sledding Without Asking. She Responded By Blasting Xmas Music Out Her Window, Putting On A Santa Hat With A Beard And Joining Them”

“My Wife And I Got Married Over Thanksgiving. Her Grandma Immediately Got To Work On My Christmas Stocking. She Just Finished It”

“My Grandma And Her Brother Have Sent Each Other The Same Christmas Card Back And Forth For 63 Years”

“My great uncle Wallace bought the card and sent it to my grandma in 1953 but forgot to write inside – so she kept hold of it and sent it back to him the following year, the tradition went from there!”

“Dog Waits 8 Months To Find A Home, Gets Adopted By Caretaker On Christmas”

“Dr. Fauci Is Taking Care Of Santa Claus This Christmas”

“I Moved In With My Grandparents And Decided We Would Be Sending Out Christmas Cards This Year. We Make The Perfect Team”

“I love them. I do the heavy lifting, technology and driving. Grandpa gets the mail and grandma does literally everything else.”

“When My Neighbor Found Out We Were Covid Positive This Week, She Rushed Out And Got Us A Little Live Tree With Lights So We’d Have A Bit Of Christmas Cheer”

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